What Are the Top 5 Supplements To Build Muscle and Burn Fat In 2014? MassiveJoes.com MJ Q&A

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Dee Ster says:

he didn’t say you have to buy all of these to get results. he’s simply
giving you the best of each supplement. 

Mike Witzenburg says:

So when did a pre workout supplement put on muscle ? Looks to me that your
endorsing Marc with mts nutrition. If you knew so much about putting on
some muscle just maybe you would have some man !!!

Quizibo says:

#1: ON – sucks, around 80% protein per calorie intake, expensive and low
#2: BCAA – are already in the Protein and food you eat.
#3: Whey Protein shake with a banana and scoop of peanut butter in non-fat
milk and your next healthy meal pretty much takes care of all that crap he
is trying to push. If Creatine is a must for you then a simple creatine
monohydrate is much cheaper and more effective than any of that other crap
creatines on the market.
#4: Pre-Workout: Black coffee
#5: Health and Wellbeing – What? Just eat your fruits and vegetables for
the micros and not pump your body full of shit. Multivitamin, natures made
is great but youre just going to piss out everything you dont use.

All together you just need a whey protein and healthy, well balanced meals
and youll be a natty king. Dont buy all this shit you dont really need.

Latoya Wright says:

Dammit joe! This fat pussycat lost 20lbs In 2months, joe! Thanks soooo
much. But it’s biotch, joe, that massivejoes.com don’t have a shopping app
For my iPhone. It would be this fat pussycats TITS if massive joe would
speak with some developers to come up with a shopping app for iTunes and
Gplay! Thanks for your channel! Such a blessing

Peter Page says:

Supplements don’t work, there has been acutal research that proves they
don’t work. Don’t be a sucker and waste your money. Eating a balanced diet
with plenty of water is the secret to natural max gains.

Luke E says:

Thats a fair amount of money on supps right there, just eat smart train
hard and youll become swoll gorilla!! BOOM

Maykhen Al-Qainza Ghainez says:

Nah fuck all that shit just whey protein and if hia hard for you won size
get a serious mass and done. Im only pre workout guy and whey proteine fuck
creatine just water gainz i used 1 time and u just loose money, i have a
better physique at 18 than 99 people who buy supps why? Easy I TRAN SMART

Sharon Solomon says:

MTS Pay Him Well..

MoreBoingPlox says:

I’m going to ask the bank for an extension on my mortgage repayment to pay
for this hippie stack. Srs

Senny Raj says:

For a normal gym go-er i think all you need is a creatine and a protien

pkp869 says:

Great videos guys. My question is what is the best way to correct a size
and strength imbalance from right to left side? Like my left biceps and
triceps compared to my right biceps and triceps. Thanks.

Georgia Robertson says:

Everybody is able to develop more than 10 pounds muscle in 60 days and get

MrYautjaLanu says:

Thanks for the info brother!!!

ali yehya says:

Where is your neck man?

tom ynyr says:

+massivejoes should i buy karbolyn with my mts fuel or will it do the job
on it own lads?

hnnotyy says:

I have to say everybody’s body react different to supplements and some
people don’t even need any at all just eating the right kind of foods

Elroy Fernandes says:

U look a bit like John Cena!

Ruffiesz says:

Could you guys like..sell Optimen?? I would buy it if you guys sold it.

Mvshotz says:

Nah screw 100% optimum whey, I have the whey isolate zero carbs comparing
it it’s close but its better.

Jason C says:

Posts top 5 supplements video, lists 10 supplements.

Chris Nyholm says:

Fuck optimum. MTS whey or cellucor cor whey much better. 

Foti Karatasakis says:

I feel bad for his livers or what’s left of them

Marcos Fernandez says:

Dude, I bought defconn one pineapple flavor and it is fucking disgusting in
my opinion. I also am tolerant to stimulants, so not even two scoops does
anything for me

outlaw123Mannyvel says:

Hey I’ve got a question about pre workouts….. do they actually help you
NOTICEABLY or is it like a 5% increase in energy and focus, I ask because
I’ve trained on D Stunner a couple of times and I could not actuallly
notice the effects….

Thanks if someone can answer!

mattr918 says:

protein, pre work out, roids

Nick Castro says:

If I feel like spending 500 dollars I might get these supps lol 

johnny ong says:

Too much of stacking haha

kornandfoofighters says:

Dat retro intro

Lee & Sonia Dutton says:

Hi Joe,

Do you guys stock the new pre workout by scivation “physco”?…interested
for your raw review.


Mitesh Mhatre says:
Marcos Fernandez says:

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