TMW: Cutting Advice @hodgetwins

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Prog47 says:

im at a point where im not losing any fucking fat or gaining any fucking
and i started lifting in september. but im not giving up. if i dont figure
out how to lose this fat now, im never going to.

Luis Ramirez says:

best advice i’ve heard on the web so far… i knew i was gunna lose
strength… but this is good

Finn Cottam says:

if you’re getting hungry (with the exception of IF)you’re doing it wrong
if you’re thinking about food all the time you’re doing it wrong
if you’re tired as fuck during the day you’re doing it wrong
if you can’t sleep you’re doing it wrong
cutting is risky business if you follow mainstream advice and don’t
research your shit

Danny LoPriore says:

These dudes are so light skinned it’s crazy. Where do yall do these vids? A
motel 6?

west mantooth says:

Snap city man haha 

Nucking Futs95 says:

FALSE. It has been proven and my own experience has shown me that 10-18 min
of cardio after a weightlifting workout is fine. I’m building muscle,
gettting stronger, and losing fat

brettski197120091 says:

I cant believe there is over 1,000,000 morons on this planet subscribed to
these two complete fucking oxygen thiefs

Jonathan Romas says:

I only like your videos with your disclaimer. Lol

James Medina says:

do whatever the FUCK you wanna do

Corbin Dallas says:

Ahh shit SNAP CITY I never want to go there..

meric harris says:

You guys are great!

Quang Le says:

cutting sounds horrible

Jan Bartolome says:

theyre the most adorable twin on here lol

Daemon Kane says:

This is bullshit. If you scale back on the workouts you’ll definitely lose
strength + muscle. You shouldn’t have to lower your carbs that much coz
when you stop cutting you’ll go back to the same amount of carbs and you’ll
just put all that fat on again.

andy b says:

fuck off mike chang!

nepson13 says:

365 day bulking bitches i aint fucking with that cutting bs

Joe Husk says:

thats how long it to me to start cutting up more and alott vegie and
chicken breast and sweet potatos oatmill with egg whites and blueberrys in
it and lean turky meat no red meat nope turky bacon fruits lott vegies
green stiff fish oil tabs along with it whey pretine mix with water thou no
milk u bulk with milk in it………… of course tuna sald..chcicken
salad as well fruit smoothies now oatmill u awsom carbs i ate ton of it all
hrs of the day and lost wt and build muscles and cutt little….calories i
dont count them u gona burn shit off in gym next day just no bread or pop
and cookies and chips and fryd food stay away from that shit and u be just
fine and watch your suagr intake if u use sugar in oatmill use brown sugae
not that white sugar do as i said and promise u see changes in u body for
the good not bad hope hodge twinns see this post if u do dairy only cootage
cheese eat some before bed to help mataine what u built up in that gym bec
its a slow digesting protine while your sleeping eat any where from 4 to 7
small mills day like that keep that metabolism way up and hit gym 3 to 4
days week give u body time to relizw what hell your doing for one and
recovery time most important o grow those muscles man take this imfo to the
bank guys basicly just cutt out junk foods man all of them u dont need
count them dam calories or that all u be doing alllll day is using your
caculator no fryd foods no dairy but cottage cheese fish chicken breast
fruits vegies eggs whites aotmill sweet potatos brown rice no breads or
pasta what so ever thanks guysall and walnuts yep almonds…..that diet
there and see u body change well…..cardio keep it at 10 or 15 mins up
hill on tredill take 6 pound ball hold it while u on tredmill swist back
and fourth while waling up hill on that bad boy im no my shit
mannnnnn……..high protine diet fiber take vitimin as well the utlra pack
from walmart sprin valley v.B ALL U GOOD STUFF IN THAT PACK 30 DAY SUPPLY

Unduruz says:


jigsaw99 says:

where you guys get your coke yo? sniff* sniff*

Joe Husk says:


goldengraemes says:

You two always look like shit

Kevin Smith says:

Btw is Eliot by any chance your lost 3th twin brother? cause you sure all 3
look a like to me.

James Wilson says:

The simplest and most effective things to do during a CUT are to be at a
caloric deficit (500kcal/day=1 lb/week) and to eat 1.25g-1.5g of protein
per pound body weight (200lbs= 250g-300g protein. Throw in some real HIIT
and you are golden.

stef88sf says:

I’ve lost over 20 pounds in 8 weeks, and not only am I not weaker.. I’m
stronger than ever.. went from 235 do 215 and i will drop 5 to 10 more
pounds. Leaner, more vascular feeling fucking great.. So I don’t agree with
the scale back in the gym attitude.. I go harder than ever and it’s going

Abdallah Shakaroun says:

Loosers :/

untamed mind 4eva says:

Balls to tha Wall lol

blobbiek5 says:

That’s a one way ticket to Snapcity man ! Haha hilarious !

Fleshandblood Man says:

I did not know Elliott had a brother!

Brian Segovia says:

I was getting 50 carbs a day for past 3 days and i tried working out this
morning and by the end of my workout i felt like i was going to pass out
lmao i should probably eat some carbs before my workout

Kevin Smith says:

Man once you get to know the both of you, you realize you’re really nice
guys. But quit the excessively stereotype bodybuilder shit. It’s not cool.

Kyle Cadet says:

I cant do my 50 sets like I did when bulking, Im down to like 20

Tom Heaselden says:

You can do what ever the FUCK you wanna do!!!!

MusicChannelism says:

do drugs, like stimulants and run to the hills and come back skinny you
lazy shits. jk but like i have never had to go down in weight form cutting
I guess i have never cut that hard. I would rather do it over 6 months then
stress my entire system.

187MIAMIBOY says:

Your brain only needs 130g of carbs to function properly. 

nazira325 says:

Had some pitbull legs going…..ya know them dogs that will maul ya ass
with them skinny ass legs? Hahahahahahaha

majce1993 says:

you look like you are so high

minto smith says:

Same my legs got skinny as fuck 

Rahim Ibssa says:

been a while since i sat on youtube watchinh yall

EscaladorSarcastico says:

I have a question, I started cutting for my first time, and for it I have
starting to use myfitnesspal, it tells me to eat 1630 calories every day. I
started researching and noticed that my BMR is of 1624 calories, however, I
don’t feel to worn down or bad during the day, the only thing I feel is a
little more of soreness after my workouts, but not much more. Should I
ditch myfitnesspal and eat my 2018 calories for loosing weight or should I
keep on doing it?

greendruid typeoforever says:

did they just do cocaine, why they sniffing so much.

Dany El-Rai says:

Hey guys, I have a question for you. I am 18 years old right bow

Bram Cailliau says:

great advise!!

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