The Power of DHEA – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert Autographs and Merchandise: Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so….

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MickyMicky Mike says:

How come you ask for donations when Leroy Colbert says he does these videos
to give back to the people and help with good information on building the
body? I saw a video where he said he wouldn’t ask for money or doesn’t get
paid by Youtube and that he does it for free because he made his money from
several supplement shops in the past and don’t need our money. Just

Screamin Mime says:

I tried DHEA for a few months… lightening did not shoot out of my ass.

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

The Power of DHEA – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

nocent904 says:

A couple weeks ago you did a video on magnesium malate. I ordered it. Now
we need dhea also? I thought mm would help with testerone. Let me know
pls.. I would like to see the results of the mm 1st before I get dhea. Also
what was the results from your doctor concerning your testosterone levels?
I’m waiting to see if it improved your levels. Thanks!

STU Bonkowski says:

Thank You Leroy, your one of the best.

hakime666 says:

Awesome video but I had a question, I’ve heard that taking dhea can make
your body stop producing testosterone and increase your estrogen levels, is
this true? I’ve took 7-keto dhea because it’s the non steroidal version,
and it seems to help somewhat with my cutting but wanted to know if real
dhea would be safe and better for cutting. 

Muscle4LifeX says:

It´s illegal in my country. You don´t even get it on prescription.

boostercontrol100 says:

Can it covert to estrogen though? Sounds like your recommending alot. 

Justin S says:

It did feel like D.H.E.A. did maximize my test for my age at 38 ..I have
taken D.H.E.A. and I can tell you it worked for me, placebo or not.. 100
milligrams first thing in the morning and at night,.. it had a test affect
while lifting. I would not take it everyday because I noticed it was not as
potent if I did.. It worked for me. It may or may not work for you.. it’s
only around $7 so it’s not like getting screwed on fake test.. 

Frank Frank says:

Mr. Colbert is a Legend. I’m so grateful for his wisdom…….


toodyface says:

Anyone heard that it’s not bio available through the oral route. The
transdermal is though. Any ideas to share on this guys?

Benjamin Harris says:

I love your videos Leroy, But i have to disagree with you. This is a
hormone that has only been tested on mice. Not only is there no conclusive
evidence that DHEA has any benifits on humans, it can also lead to
irreversible side effects in both men and women.

Bottom line: DHEA still requires further testing in human subjects before
anyone goes recommending it. My advice is to stay away from it altogether.

TheAudi585 says:

love your knowledge leroy!!! thank you so much :D

Mrhotcoco says:

Leroy is immune to age

jhfit says:

He’s right so listen to him. I take 50 mg 5 days a week, and I notice the
difference. Not everyone will agree. Not everyone thinks Dianabol works
either but it does.

gary smallwood says:
taptap says:

take 200mg of DIM with 100mg DHEA works a treat for me!

Mikes World says:

Does it increase estrogen too? 

DelNegro10 says:

Leroy Colbert, you are the best of the very best!

DelNegro10 says:

Mr. Leroy Colbert,

any dangerous of gyno?

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