Supplements for Natural Bodybuilding

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Quincyy (BB) says:

Why should you be proud that you take you first shake at 18 yo its not like
alcohol or somethimg theres nothing in shakes thats bad for you i started
drinkink shakes when i was 15 i started working out when i was 14 and i
never had a problem so i think it doesnt matter

Matt Brown says:

What’s your snap chat? 

Collapsed Sounds says:

Inb4 steroid comments

ImYourDaddyTV says:

can imagine these comments coming

Areti Krishna Vikas says:

Listen up all you shit speaking non lifting bitches. This guy has fought
cancer and after surpassing such a big hurdle in life I can bet he doesn’t
juice. He has been lifting for well over four years. With that much of time
put in and with the right supplementation you can reach there. ALSO,
consistency is what matters and he has been so far. SO STFU. He never would
ever put his life at risk after fighting cancer. Also, steroids are cancer

Zach Zeiler says:

Supplements for Natural Bodybuilding

Dino Voloder says:

Boris is going to be coming soon. 

Jean Karat says:

Bro why you dont take bcaa?

XowntXihqX says:

whey protein is protein. pre workout is caffeine and a bunch of other
bullshit, that don’t really harm your body. u want to try out that shit? go
for it, you’re not putting ur life at risk. that said, supplements are all
bullshit apart from creatine and whey. u want a cheap workout boost? pop 2
caffeine pills, or drink coffee. 

OGAesthetics says:

Why not just supplements for bodybuilding? isnt all supplements natural?

Richie Rich says:

Zach Zeiler is my inspiration

Austin Keck says:

Zach i strongly agree with everything in this video you are one of my
biggest inspirations to change how i look thanks zach keep making these
videos and maybe teach us some stuff not just workout just a little

Kamil Roman says:

tip: if you are looking for a mass gainer but you cant afford it seeing as
they are really expensive, add 200g of oats to you protein shake and blend
it. Roughly 700 cals from the oats and protein another 200-300 cals.

MiZTiiX says:

How long did it take him to transform?

ZombieTube4u says:

How tall was you when you started working out ?

BFT_Neelix says:

I’m sorry but you lost me at the title, how is using “supplements”
“natural”? That’s a contradiction in terms. Natural would be to eat food,
lift weights, get larger.. at least if you strictly apply the definition of
“natural”. Using protein powders, creatine and all that shit is about as
natural as a candy bar package that says “made from all natural
ingredients” or “free roaming chickens”, its meaningless and inaccurate.

victor garcia says:

I could say that u will get 100% sponsored by anyone
U are awesome

Mack Klanes says:

Can you share with us how much do u eat daily and what you eat

IAmThomasss says:

I am 16 and i usually take a scoop of c4 before i go to the gym + using
creatine and protein powder since 2 months ago. Ive been lifting for 1year
and a half. Is it bad that im already using supplements in terms of my
health or anything? 

2ezee2011 says:

Back when dirt was young we used Aspirin, ephedrine, and caffeine for a pre
workout and it was awesome …you had a four hour window and then CRASH.
used it for leg workouts especially when on Adkins to cut and no carbs for
fuel. You are totally right about waiting till 18. maybe even 23
…because nature is flooding your body with bodybuilding stuff that you
cannot buy. nutrition, rest and intensity will get you there . Your body
is already able to recover at a rate that you will never match again. You
give EXCELLENT advice Zach!!

HotSauceFan9 says:

I’ll tell you the brand I trust most is Optimum Nutrition. Solid products
that taste good and are fairly priced. But for the most part, all protein
powders and mass gainers are the same. BCAA’s just give different ones a
try, I like Blox most which most people don’t. As far as pre-workouts go,
I’ve used the most extreme ones and ones that don’t work well at all..
Craze and Jack3d(old formula) are both banned but I had the most INTENSE
workouts while on those. The only other one that has even come close is
Legend by Cutler Nutrition. C4 is average but tastes amazing. No-Xplode
works but its overpriced(like most bsn products). “Pre” by ON is solid as
well. My favorite stack is mixing a scoop of Blox with a half scoop of
Legend. Gets the job done without a crash.

Perfect Symmetry says:

What weight gainer powder do you recommend and how much do you use per day?

BrotherLead says:

Dat thumbnail tho

M. Strey says:

Also wer den Blödsinn glaubt, wo unser Zach Zeiler hier labert, mit
Pulver-Scheisse für Bodybuilder wäre immer noch Natural, dieser hat denn
wirklich keine Ahnung von dem Sport und seinen Chemischen Giftigen
Pülverchens, die unter Doping fallen.

victor garcia says:

Finally this vid, dat i was waiting for years hahaha


Zach what’s the difference in whey protein & casein protein and how much do
I take and when should I take them? Thanks dude. You look great.

drsw36 says:

Thanks. This is a great help.

yousuckass100 says:

Best shake for gaining weight
2 cups raw oats
1 tbsp natural peant butter
1/2 cup blue Berries
1scoop of whey optional
You drink that for breakfast you will make all kinds of gains 

youtube user says:

wudddd upppp………

jason sakurai says:

Thank you soo much! Ive been waiting for your supplement video. This really
helped me out.

Fitness By Flo says:

Personally I make my own pre workout, it’s cheap. 3-4g beta alanine + 250mg
cafeine + fast carbs and bcaas. Works well! Keep posting Zach, I like your

Davide Ceccarelli says:

forgot tren/clen and some aas 😀 love ur channel bro u’re sucking sick

Bennett Fowler says:

Thanks for being honest man this video really helped you’re awesome!

BrightLaneGaming says:

Why is it not good for u to use protein when u are less than 18?? +Zach

hobman says:

Sound a bit like a DIVA….”I want to get paid first”…. I think you’re
going about it backwards.


I got nothing against supps but do you really need them?

TheMaveric94 says:

Very good video! i was looking forward for this! keep up Zach!

Jeffshan John says:

What is your snapchat? Lll you should put it in the description box 

whiteronaldj90 says:

You’re talking about this pre workout like the loss of your virginity

Chi Oni says:

Cool ,thxs for sharing :)

Brandon Witt says:

I strive for your physique every time I hit the gym

Lifting Is Living says:

why dont you take bcaas ?

MiZTiiX says:

how old are you?

Mike Fury says:

Zach do you use fish oil ?

Fhreaky says:

dat snapchat salad doe 

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