Steroid VS Natural Bodybuilding

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Obviously, even a small child can tell the difference between Ronnie Coleman and a natural bodybuilder. The former is about 150 lbs bigger, most of it high quality muscle mass. If both, natural…

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Carlos Santos says:

They all use steroids, what stupid title is this lol? Im not even saying is
good or bad but all professional bodybuilders use it, period. They have to,
or they loose to the others.

hevquip says:

I’m so natural I don’t even lift.

a5dollars says:

steroids all the way!

TurkGenetics says:
Jakub Kameš says:

and where are the natural ones?

ion po says:

give me natural, pleaseee

Anthony Intensity says:

Instead of bodybuilding (natty or not) I prefer Men’s Physique (that’s,
however, the physiques they had in the Golden Era)!

cristian bento says:

Nenhum deles ta natural não, tão tudo ciclado,essa e a verdade…

maycol costales prado says:

no puedes decir que son naturales por tener 30 o 40 kilos de masa menos que
los demas professionales .l.

Parwaz Safi says:

non of them r natural

DICO Ferreira says:


VeritasValebit777 says:

it has nothing to do with natural !just heavy and light weight

Andrés Rhenals says:

Stop giving prominence to steroids. To get a really admirable physique you
have to work very hard for it. So, work your ass off!

Mamunur Rashid says:

Natural bodybuilders look better!

B Colclough says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

CV88 says:


Olivier Lefebvre says:

c vraiment horrible lol

Fábio Costa says:

Natural sucks! 

Yoran de Liefde says:

perhaps you should know the difference with steroid use and steroid and
growth hormons use

Bro Corporation says:

no natties here

Max Nogueira says:

Kai Monster

Impeach FFS says:

Some of those ”nattys” are definitely on steroids.

I prefer the steroids look! (except for the GH gut)

TJ B says:

‘Someone call a doctor, one of these fellas about to have ah baby!!’

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