Simeon Panda – Lions Pride (Bodybuilding Motivation)

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Share this video with someone who may need some motivation. For Simeon Panda® Training Programs visit: My Clothing Line: SP Aesthetics® Sportswear available here: …

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SimpleX says:

Imagine that he is taking steroids… He would be so big!

DjBoyInTheBubble says:

2:50 ‘A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of a sheep’

Chuy Ruiz says:

What’s so motivational about a guy that juices up? Seriously people that
juice up only do it so they can make it easier on themselves but what’s the
point of that shit? It’s basically like cheating. Anybody can get buff if
they dedicate themselves to working out everyday. You don’t have to make up
excuses saying that you’re not able to or that you don’t have the genetics.
Excuses are excuses. 

Thomas Bialek says:

Appreciate your profound words of encouragement Simeon! Nothing close close
to some one having found his life’s mission and sharing it with the world!
Keep up your work ethic and the high quality content you put out daily!:)

RealLifeKA says:

How are you going to keep progressing when you cant ad more weight? I mean
yeah you could still improve the quality of the reps and the form to a
“perfection” but what are you going to do then? You simply can’t do more
and more reps or can you?

xDwelleR says:

Simeon Panda is a huge motivation for all of us!

Job de Vries says:

I love these kind of videos! Keep them coming :)
You’re a master!

Elek Valkyru says:

My brotha….I just came back from doing shoulders and arms…when you said
“2 exercises in 20 sets in” you made me want to go back to the damn gym!

Fosters says:

I love you bro , you are the best Motivation !

JAYR says:

Damn son where did you find this muscles!? 

Areti Krishna Vikas says:


Rappp says:

The music is a bit too loud, but nice job

Iwillassasinyou says:

More vids man.. More

DEN4IK _ WOT says:

Simeon, Респект тебе из России ты лучший ;)

Local Fit says:

whats wrong wth sheep?

jimkroes1993 says:

all his fans that do not have the same stats as him are sheeps, if lions
like some sheeps the sheeps do not simply turn into lions l0l

Mrhotcoco says:

Guys claiming steroids are so obsessed with that there must be some kind of
“quick fix”. As if there was a “Get money cheat” people like you would
claim Bill Gates to be a cheater too for his wealth. No haters, it doesn’t
happen over night, no real achievement does

Mark-Christian Killick-Calver says:

Music is a bit loud, can’t hear simeon all the time. Otherwise great video,
much love simeon :) hope to meet you one day 

iibrahim264 says:

If this guy is really natty then he could hop on some cycle, gain 30-50 lbs
and win mr Olympia. why doesn’t he do this? Because he can’t. He already
uses roids most likely tren in high doses just to be at the size he is now.

Aminur Rahman says:


shshshs2 says:

When are we going to get a day in the life or day of eating or knowing your
Marco or supplement stack for bulking or cutting 

Jonnyzer0akaM03 says:

Bradley, Ulisses and you are just the sickest trio!
Insane Video, your words and the music…

Pls more footage of you 3 !
#idols #beasts

AnDoSiLlAnO says:

I love that traps

entyce66 says:

I love ur Back 

Jake Anthony says:

2:00 oh my fucking goodness. That back is on another level Simeon!

Sancho LeCubain says:

Please somebody can tell me the name song ?

Gustavo dos Santos Fernandes says:

Coloca legendas em português ……

TheTwins says:

Come and visit our channel and experience real motivation :))

maliartiklar says:

Do you guys believe he is natural ?

Luke cook says:

Amazing Simeon – Feel like I can go lift that whole damn gym up RAWR!

Patrick Free says:

Fuck now I wanna go to the gym and train back, but my back is sore as

Gymaine King says:

That winners mentality! Love this man pure positive energy nothing but

GDFitness says:


scooterfreakzzz says:

Simeon please more Content from you!!!

Peter Pansen says:

You´re videos are awesome Simeon! Motivation Level over 9000!

Josh Riquelme says:

Hell yeah! 

UltimateGaming HUB says:

His so muscular. I wish 1 day I will look like him because it will mean the
world to me. 

Berkan Özdag says:

Maybe the biggest natty of all time

Jake Grigg says:

Incredible bro! Feeling pumped now, you’re the man. Keep doing your thing!!

Chris Welch says:

Pretty fucking inspirational. Keep it coming

PitBull Semental says:

asombroso, saludos desde México :) 

MK Fitness says:

Amazing, preworkout vid now lol

Johnny Knoxville says:

You’re number one sim ;)

Aesthetics Legacy says:

Thanks for motivating us Simeon Panda !

Nasir Rasa says:

Puré Motivation Simeon!

tapfuma chikuku says:


razerthekutta says:

I feel sorry for you haters! Lol

FantaTV1 says:

No Deadlifts ?

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