Simeon Panda – Aesthetic Natural Bodybuilding Motivation

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aesthetics athletics says:


excruciarch says:

Well, if taking half of what Phil Heath is taking can be considered
natural, then this guy is. :D

METALLURG1990 says:

хуита какая-то на стероидах…

Mark Tweed says:

i hate all these negative people leaving comments about steroids or saying
simeon isn’t natural, its just complete jealousy. just because he has put
in the hard work and dedication over the years, a aesthetic physique like
his takes years of training and clean eating, keep up the hard work and
dedication simeon your a true inspiration to all us iron addicts. oh and
seriously if you don’t have anything postive to say don’t speak at all!! 

workout aesthetics says:
Ben Lloyd PT says:

Not sure about this guy

arthur savka says:

What is this song?

Travis Harriman says:

where the naturals?

Thi correa says:

Meça seus natural parça

Pattie Brown says:

The song is by the game 

KludziaK says:


Lind/ Mirach says:

“natural bodybuilding” ayyy lmao

Cezar Ene says:

What’s the name of the song???
I really like it.

A Al says:

почему нет видео из аптек и специализированных магазинов?

Achilleas Chantzis says:

Thanks for re-uploading…Lion’s Pride ;)

Alexis Dmitruk says:
Zizz Mirin says:

This dude is truly natty (natural) he’s waist is one obvious sign 

Alexis Dmitruk says:
bennygunns2913 says:

“natural” hahahahahaha hahahahahaha Hahaha.. That’s too funny.. 

Killsnoman Killsnoman says:

I am going to get their but better

Jacqueline N says:


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