Protein Powder & Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert Autographs and Merchandise: Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuild…

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Leo Harju says:

Protein powders are just dairy products like milk, cheese, cottage cheese,
and yogurt. Unless you have lactose intolerance, they OK.

Muscle4LifeX says:

Stay away from protein powder. Highly processed crap with artifical
sweeteners not gonna do your health any good in the long run.
Especially whey isolate. It´s too high acid, which messes up the body´s ph

backnite1 says:

even with protein getting protein is hard. like today
morning:5 eggs=36 grams
snack:protein powder and peanut butter=75 grams
lunch:tuna 2 cans=40 grams
dinner:12oz chicken with sides=60 grams
night:protein powder with peanut butter=60 grams
IN ALL=271….i weigh 165 now so i missed by 59 grams damn maybe it might
not of matter but it might of helped 

Ben S says:

yeah i dont think all protein powder is equal though, some of it is trash,
some is very useful.

Brandon Brower says:

I like rich piana alot better than you unsubbed have fun dieing you old
washed up pice of shit

davydaveS says:

agreed! “Oh protein powder not healthy yada yada..” but they got no problem
injecting dirty drugs made in a guys bathtub

Jame Rone says:

the problem is not the protein in powder form, the problem is the other
stuff mixed with 99 % of most protein powders: sweeteners, colors,
flavors, stabilizers etc.. whether those stuff artificial or “natural”,
they do damage your body in the long run. at last, if you are not a pro
body builder or taking steroids, the benefit of extra protein powder is
almost bullshit

CleanGoals says:

Thank You So much Mr.Leroy,

I’m a young guy and i agree 100% with you sir. You really inspire me and
help me out a lot! (I love all your videos)

Thanks Again, Sincerely Bobby. 

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Protein Powder & Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

hakime666 says:

Hahaha rich Pina 

jarrasmith1 says:

Please stop using Gods name as a curse word. Leeroy you rock, but please ,
stop with the G

Christian Kot says:

Leroy Colbert and Jerry Brainum are the real deal no doubt about it

digitaltreez says:

check out nutrabio whey concentrate unflavored.non gmo no sucralose.

Rockelement says:

Leroy, a legend! 

cabolynn says:

Hi Leroy! Very well said my friend! I always keep a few cans of quality,
grass fed organic protein powder, with stevia, in my pantry and have a
scoop in my morning smoothie, right along with my raw egg yolks and raw
milk. It helps to meet my body structure demands and frankly, I would be
lost without it. I had another live blood cell analysis done and
my Naturopath is amazed at my perfect body structure with all of the
demands being placed on it with bodybuilding. I’m not a “spring chicken”
anymore either. I’m going on 55 years young though. You’re a man of my
heart Leroy! I love my grass fed Ribeyes with my mushrooms and a nice
green salad. No Bud for me though! LOL! 😉 I would love to have dinner
with you sometime and we could talk for hours on end about nutrition and
bodybuilding. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom :) I second
your advice to everyone here! Please consume your protein powder
everyone! Just make sure that it’s a quality, clean protein powder that
doesn’t have added chemicals and artificial sweetners to it. 

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