Pre-contest INBA Natural Bodybuilding World’s Dubai 2015 – #6

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Sixth week of pre-contest have passed, Rico will explain some obvious things along this week in terms of nutrition and training. Sign up for free on the prel…

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castillo4141 says:

So, your workout consisted in 3 exercises, 2 sets per each? or did you only
filmed the working sets or something like that? does the training regime
changes much prior to competition?

Btw, the music you use to pose at the beginning was very cool, you don’t
see such posing routines very often. 

Fitness By Flo says:

Do you think you’ll have to do a pause in your cut? Your contest is far
away and you are almost ready lol! Good job

adri says:

For when a video commenting on your training?

NEuX says:

Hey Rico, what exactly is the style of music u use in your videos, is it
deep house? or Chicago house?

Rico van Huizen says:
Corsake86 says:

The squating girl behind stole you the show

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