Polygraph Is The BEST METHOD Of Drug Testing For Natural Bodybuilding

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AbsoluteZ3R0 says:

I just looked up Doug Miller. If that guy is natural, then I’d love to see
him unnatural. Next Mr O maybe?

Aneesh Sompalli says:

Polygraphs are pretty easy to beat if you know how to do it.. That being
said, I’d be down for anything to help cut down cheating in natural
bodybuilding. Thanks for the video. 

woodlandcammo27 says:

Give one to Kali Muscle, Dana Linn Bailey, and Mike O’Hearn. All claim

Bortd says:

I think Marc has a little Crush on Drug Miller..

Kevin Farley says:

Your voice just hasn’t been the same. Did you damage your vocal chords?

KD Fitness says:

Some of the percentages people pull out of the air about effectiveness of
lie detectors and drug tests are so funny! Did you know that 97% of all
statistics are made up!? ha .. good idea though, i just feel bad for
natural guys who still fail! 

chris o says:

If you are on trt can you still compete naturally? Physiological doses of

Silverback Fitness TV says:

but who were bribes/letting the famous people competing in your competition
to pass so they bring in more ticket sales to your event, boosting the
popularity of your show. lol

inb4 every fake natty is a highly functioning psychopath and has no problem
passing a polygraph

allan blandon says:

Lol polygraphs are inaccurate 

Tibialstone7 says:

Marc will we get cookies and cream MTS whey in the UK? Would be so so
great. always see Chris Jones using it and I’d love to try it.

Lucas Gross says:

Why dont they do this in the ufc? This is the best way to catch those
cheating bastards 

MPolo 95 says:

Guys if you could ask Marc one question on a polygraph test what would it
be? Serious question no trolls please. 

Matto Niyazi says:

Can I just mention that drugs effect the results of polygraph tests…

Aaron McIntyre says:

Hi This doesn’t have anything to do with the video but no matter what try i
CANNOT get my lower abs to show. Thanks for awnsering my question could you
make a video?

Jordan Darrell says:

A cheater by definition would know how to beat a polygraph. You’re
basically testing people who are suspected drug experts to subject to a
test that can easily be beaten with beta blockers. If people have decided
to cheat, there is a method to get around every level of testing. Just look
at Lance Armstrong. Once you get caught up in your fake natty lie, you have
to go to extreme lengths to defend your reputation. 

SchniddlesxD says:

How tall are you Mark?

Jonathan Perez says:

I’ve passed a polygraph test, seriously, im pretty sure even a top of the
line polygraph test can be passed if you have the knowledge of how to do
it, just like passing a piss test or blood test…I dont think they’ll ever
be able to successfully drug test in sports, bodybuilding, ect. 

Jon Griffiths says:

Polygraph tests are only 61% accurate… 

Jay Hilton says:

Polygraph testing can be cheated… that’s why it’s not used or trusted for

Travis Brown says:

What people are forgetting is the notorious nature of polygraph tests to
produce false positives. The “science” of polygraphs is pseudo-science at
best, and is HIGHLY dependent on the test subject believing that the
polygraph actually works and the tester will instantly know every single
lie. The thing is, people behave differently, they have different nerves,
some people are highly nervous when under stress, etc. which can all
substantially affect the readings that the tester sees.

Descendancy says:

MARC !! why can’t I get mouse-flavoured catfood??

xXxHaRdYZZxXx says:


scarfacelu1 . says:

Your voice is always fucked cause you rant so much lol I love it great

Fats says:

There’s a difference between jealousy and stating the obvious. Fwiw, I
think it’s fine if folks want to use PEDs. Hell, I’d bet the majority of
top athletes in any sport use them, and I think it should be totally legal.
I’d probably do it myself to reach the top level. 

Habib J'Hlili says:

throat is getting better, thats good man… love the vids!

Brett Howe says:

lol you can definitely beat a polygraph test..

PortableAppz1 says:

Woah, this some good information Marc.

Btw whats been wrong with your voice?

LHudson ART/LIFTS says:

And what about those that generally are delusional enough to believe they
are natural be uses they don’t see a certain dose as unnatural like the
half natty’s? Or maybe a coach that bullshits somebody with orals? I don’t
know but it just doesn’t seem fool proof

Sharkboy Fit says:

The Nga organization I compete In does polygraph

Ishmael Rios says:

I heard you can pass a polygraph taking beta blockers or something. is that

M3X1CAN007 says:

Not true I was taught how to “cheat” a polygraph during my criminal justice
classes also they teach how to “cheat” them in the military as well
(specific division ) I was in the young marines for 5-6 years. 

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