NPC Bodybuilding Ron Galup Interview: How to Contest Diet and Get Shredded

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Close Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’, talks with national level NPC bodybuilding …

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Steve Crabtree says:

Where is Nick S?

Tay Taylor says:

You should have also asked him his T3, clen and tren intake man 

juicyjuicy1234 says:

Good luck

Andy Santiago says:

I joy the video but this dude is not sharing anything good. We like numbers
and timing. We get nothing from this guy!

cliffordchoo28 says:

This guy isn’t natty of coz he can eat wateva he likes and get shredded

apolanco602 says:

Can’t wait 2014 going to be epic for all of us who go to the gym lets make
it better than this year.

Luis Vigo says:

Drake sucks 

Hemen Palani says:

this is funny as fuck! great advice to :D

izzy aguayo says:

Tim, I like the video! Can you make more video about dieting and getting
shredded? And try to get more feed back. For instance, how much calories,
protein carb fat count etc!

Michael Salazar says:


local joes says:


Jeremy Holley says:

Good stuff man

Daniel Valluzzi says:

This Ron fella is not good at giving information at all! Lots of ummms and
ahhhhhs and getting confused a lot. Fuck me, this guys looking for a pro

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