Natural Bodybuilding Transformation – 8 Years of Drug Free Training – MURDERSCENE FITNESS

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My journey in weight training in chronological video form, from around 2006-2014. No drugs, no steroids, no excuses. Real science, real training, real nutrition. Murderscene Fitness. Get Lethal…

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Dumplings says:

mirin so hard man, mirin so hard

RippzZ says:

Thats look like a natty sportsman. You have my respect

Christoph Kogler says:

rly nice job.. I hope I am looking as good as you in a few years 

souldyer says:

That right there is a realistic transformation…
I believe your natty and respect you being natural takes years of hard work
to get what these drug users get in a year!!

Brian Eplett says:

dude AWESOME transformation man, ive been training for about 6-7 years
natural, what are your stats at? you look really impressive, good cuts to,
I wish my genetics were better but we gota work with what we got and just
keep improving.
One thing I learned is never compare yourself to others or you become
bitter, but compare yourself to yourself with progress and you become
better! look to others to see success and you will also strive for success
as long as you keep seeing improvements in your self and don’t get down.
Really good natural video, to many fakes out there these days.

RedEye says:

Awesome! Incredible work and dedication! Best luck for your future

Amir uj jaman says:
Dr. Boolchitsky says:

Great video , hope this inspires many people

Boris Cakovan says:

Awesome natural transformation! I really got sick from all the fake natties
these days.

klaus duve says:

Sxe world pride

Ronnie L'Italien says:

good job man, inspiring as fuck!

Fenomenoe9 says:

The illusion if bodybuilding <3…….. cut and proportions people will
think you are on gear,,,,, if being “on gear” is what you look like,,,,,,
then wtf is a natty supposed to fucking look…. good job man miring
transformation 2 years into this shit and I know this is a process of years
not months.

fuck you amateurs for wanting exceptional results in a year or two.

krishnakanth k.s says:

hats off to your dedication bro:)

hvacmech294 says:

Fuuuuuark brah, mirin/10 solid transformation! 

Agateophobia says:


Luke Fisher says:

The Zyzz of the metal world.

Tobias Fricke says:

You’re amazing !

Joe Talarico says:

you’re like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of lifting

Gino Brouwers says:

Hey brah, amazing transformation! Shows what dedication can do to ya 😉

Check out my transformation!

ITzxFRUITY says:

smashed it

Daniel Read says:

Great job, in the end all your hard work payed of…

magnedalaren says:

Inspirational! Subscribed :) 

FiireeProof says:

Nice mate ! btw. the first song, what is the name of it. It’s so grrr :3

Logan Killmax says:

what kinda diet you following man. is it all clean eating or what?

Nicolaslordi says:

Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

Alexander Backes says:

Actually, thats a pretty bad result for eight years of working out….but
you have my respect for your consistence anyways, its just, that you could
have done much more in 8 years of training even though you have had some

amnezija says:

Subbeed, First of all, MASSIVE respect for all the hard work you put into
making yourself better, stronger and healthier. Results are just amazing,
and unlike most fitness/bb channels, I have no doubts that you are really
natural. This is what dedication , hard work and discipline look like. And
also, music is seriously awesome.. Will check that out as well. Keep up
the great work ^^ 

Jananjith Maheshan says:
mak jareo says:

amazing sound!

mangobanana says:

Great job, could u give me any advice for cutting because ive been working
out for about a year, ive made muscle gains and ive lost some fat, but i
would like to lose some more. thanks

Frisco Poenisch says:

Breaks leg. Hops over to camera anyway. Metal as fuck. Great music and
great inspiration bro. One of the few 10+ minute transformation videos I
gladly watched.

I bulked from 145 @ 16% or so to now 183 at 19% or so – I’ve put on a ton
of size and not a ton of extra fat but because I started fattish to begin
with I’m basically now you @ 207 minus about twenty pounds of muscle. Do
you think it’s time for me to do my first cut?

thisismurderscene says:

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