Natural Bodybuilding Training and Poisonous Pre-Workouts

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Beltless training still continuing. Dropping bodyweight steadily now. Upper body lifts during the last third of the video. Serious about gaining MUSCLE and STRENGTH the NATURAL way?? Train…

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Fasted Sith says:

Man it’s nice to see you getting back to your original form!

Natural Aesthetics says:

comments welcome

SamWild Fitness says:

You have some serious strength man, great vid!

Dan Hayes says:

Great vid mate, I’d already stopped training with Pre-workout after using
different ones for a few years, you’ve backed up my thoughts on them. It’s
good to get different opinions, I agree the long term affects can’t be
good. There should be more good honest channels like yours.

Engel derVernichtung says:

Haven’t taken C4(my favorite preworkout) in months. But I still miss that
feeling it used to give me.

Big Diesel says:

Nothing Better Than Keepin’ It Real Brotha! Kudos To You for the Honest

I think the best solution for Pre-Workouts might be OMAR ISUF’s way which
is a Custom Pre-workout that he orders from a company in Canada called
Check out the review on it…

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