Natural Bodybuilding Lean Bulk Physique Update

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So here is my first bulking update video since I began my bulk in December. I first reverse dieted out of my defecit for close to a month, now I am currently bulking at right around 3300 cals…

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No Ego Fitness says:

You are lacking symmetry. By that I mean your lower body does not have near
the amount of tattoos as your upper body. Other than that, good work!

opbn95 says:

looking good man… good work
btw youve gotten so fucking vascular that your muscles are now actually
pretty visible despite that heavy inc

Fenomenoe9 says:

practice posing more my man

Daniel Rainey says:

Probably have the most mass on a natural in the youtubes fitness community.
Awesome work man!

jaykingboxing says:

Came across you from the misc. How long have you been training for? And do
you do IIFYM

alan simons says:

This has quickly become my favorite fitness-related channel. Your gal gets
half the credit for that.

Adam02M says:

Great hamstrings dude. Any tips?

KaiserFailed says:

* casually stretches lower back *



Ashley Kissane says:

love the dancing! at 1:37 looking at your arms they look somewhat
imbalanced is that actually the case? or are your tattoos decieving or
camera angles playing a role?

Jake B says:

If honestly natural, you have beastly genetics. A lifter such as myself or
99% of your viewers couldnt obtain this physique naturally 

Dristai says:

best posing at the end 😀 amazing process man! Your videos are always fun
to watch and motivating as fuak.

Boris Cakovan says:

How long have you been lifting man? Looking huge.

deanjks says:

“Not available” ? Fuck sake, did anyone else get this? 

Athletes N Cannabis says:

tattoos are cool but got damn
u over did it,, ehh not about that ink life
hides ur development. no doubt 

Alexander N says:

ice cream diet was your leanest bulk? lol he is on more gear than you can

Tr1xxRabbit says:

u were scrawny a couple months ago and now ur looking like this… No one
makes them gains in a couple months unless ur using gear

Craig says:

I see you train in the mornings.. Do you IF?

MaLic1ouZ says:

Your vids never dissapoint keep doing your thing homie

Matt Braga says:

What i like about your channel, and really what stands out from the rest is
that it comes natural to you. And what i mean by that is you dont force
yourself in your videos. Hard to explain. We can see you enjoy doing it.
Also, your not forcing shit to sell on your channel. Your becoming a
favorite channel of mine because it seems everyone is trying to promote
something or sell something. Thanks for awesome vids man

Adrian Pacheco says:

niceee how tall are u men ?

Chelsea12345FC says:

your voice really reminds me of Dexter on the tv series hahaha it’s like

RickyfromFB says:

Haha youre a beast man, loving the outro as well!

jcham979 says:

Your channel is a nice break from the normal dime a dozen fitness channels.
Also your channel as pretty much been drama free which isn’t true for most
of this community.

xdragoons1 says:

Oh my god I loved this LOL

NYCrazyRob says:

Joe’s ho ready. But would he ever be show ready with all of those
tattoos? Just wondering.

Health4Thought says:
Adam Degrace says:

You’ve come a long way bro. Fuckin beast mode

burlhorse89 says:

ur physique is back to the way it was-good work

Pete- H says:

What are your measurements..arms…chest…shoulders.I’d love to know :)

silvertopaz72 says:

1st, Joe you sir are a Beast…. 2nd, Funny as hell…. 3rd, I loved
the blink out of the underwear and then back, there just will not die.

DoMiNaToR2465 says:

Amazing progress my man, Looking huge bro. 

CreoleAdonis says:

Fuark! Super aesthetic

Blaine Mansell says:

I also like you almost everything you do, atleast on YouTube, has a
light-hearted element to it. :)

Majid Ahmed says:

Was waiting for the front lat spread for so long..and it didn’t come! Lol
good progress though man (:

YoMnKy says:

You need to teach me them dance moves haha

Erix Torres says:

Very nice ABS and tottos bro good luck…

Buff Lightyear says:

2:37 onward, you should ask ogus for some g4p posing tips. Looking thick
and juicy, nohomer

Corey E says:

Video not available

jar4161 says:

Good progress! Honestly I’m glad you actually have a sense of humor lol
your posing made me laugh during a bad day 


I think those physique competition shows should step up their game and
implement these new “poses” into their requirement list

Ryan Gill says:

this remix is way better then the fucking original looking fucking sick bro
(no homo)

Anthony Intensity says:

Yo man, awesome!
Current stats and goal stats?

Jacob Parker says:

DO you even calf raise bro?

Will Rogers says:

1:41 sniff check

MegaDankFrank says:

Thanks for the chub, joe

jaykrausbcful says:

Great progress brother!

Tom Swingler says:

bout as natural as lance armstrong

Mc Lovin says:

sick hams

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