Natural Bodybuilding Drama | DFAC Bans Higenamine and Why They are WRONG

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Fede de Ugarriza says:

Too bad Doug Miller ain’t natty man. 

Bradley Wilson says:

Would I get banned if I was in a natty show if I put Instagram filters on
my phone?

Marek Hullinger says:

The term “natural bodybuilding” is just too funny itself. Everyone is as
natural as Mike o’hearn lmao 

SemperFiT247 says:

Dude, the one with the animal testing was not cool

Wang Lo says:

How do/did you deal with stretch marks? 

blake thomas says:

The only reason Marc is defending Drug Miller is because they’re both anti
muslim satanists.

BodyBuilding League says:

Just take Ephedrine ! I can see why they banned it, just like Ephedrine is
banned, Duhh! Too bad Higenamine does not actually work in real life nor in

AdamHouse says:

What does Higenamine do exactly? In lame mans terms. 

Arshia Sep says:

Mark i need to know your honest opinion on the Arnold Iron mass by MP. I
don’t have 90$ to spend on supplements so do you think this would be a good
choice for me? A response would be nice

Bob Jenkins says:

Drug Miller is my favorite natural bodybuilder. 

Jesse33414 says:

Marc, I’m disappointed with this video. You are letting your emotions
control your behavior. This is not the best way to talk about this topic
and your passionate beliefs. I think you could have done it in a more
intelligent way by being more calm, more patient, and saying your thoughts
more clearly. You are better than this. Don’t become offensive because of
other people’s ignorance or poor choices. I respect you Marc, and I’ve been
following you for years. I hope you take the time you need when you are
frustrated or upset about something to calm down before you record so you
can provide entertaining, informative and intelligent content. I wish you
and your family the best, and Happy Passover.
– Jesse Lehman

Mario IFBB PRO says:

so… HERE COMES THE QUESTION… “What does it mean to be natural

What doest it mean to be natural?

In my humble opinion beeing natural means… Shiet I wanted to write:
“Choosin’ healthy way.”, but natural contest prep is hell for our body &…
mind. So stayin’ natural means… “Gettin’ less & payin’ the same (if not
more) as an athlete on hormones + REALLY NOT WANTING TO GET 100% OF YOUR

Is that right?

Mike Plantin says:

Of all the bodybuilders who claim to be natty, who do you all think is the
best? I think doug miller hands down the best.

Sami nufc says:

Only Marc could use the anology about anal sex and natty Feds hahah classic

Steven Phoenix says:

Next week they’ll state we have to ejaculate before stepping on stage
because the test levels will be too high…
Jesus Christ

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Say no to anabolic steroids. U guys always looking for short cuts. Your not
a bodybuilder just a drug head. Stay natural guys

harry arms says:

Hey wrestling just ended for me last saturday and I was burnt out so I took
this whole week off from counting calories and have been eating 5-7
thousand calories a day. needless to say I’ve gained quite a bit of weight
I’m currently 155-160 I don’t want to go on a crazy cut again but I don’t
want to be fat so I was wondering what your suggestions would be. 

KarmaSwiss says:

When you said what defak i laughed way too much than needed haha

Original Gainster says:

says the dude stuffed to the gills with hormones.

weave4181 says:

yohimbine is banned in canada but ephedrine is all over the place, go
figure. In these cases best is not to ask and move on.

Adrian Swearengin says:

i swear, every time i minimize and just listen, it sounds like marc is
giving a political speech. vote lobliner 2016

yay says:

They will keep banning one thing at a time. Nattys will get sick of it and
just start juicing. Natural bodybuilding is killing itself.

questionnnn says:

What DFAC lol! Man you’re hilarious as usual. #WhatDFAC As in #WhatDFAC
is wrong with you. I see this trending.

Ivan Resendiz says:

What’s your opinion on

If anybody has tried it let me know

xxKALAMITYxx says:

I swear if they ban creatine I will kill someone!

BiodegradeableMan says:

Why talk when you can shout.

ExtremeLiving says:

That shirt in black and yellow. I need it! Oh and I agree with everything
you said.

Steve W says:

10:58 Best part of this video. Tell me I’m wrong!

luca van antwerpen says:

Who is the peeled dude in the thumbnail? Bruh took aesthetics too far lol

Danny Magee says:

idk why you wouldnt compare natural bodybuilding to womens suffrage…..

LA Coster says:

Natural bodybuilding will take over 

89Kele says:

Random question, how do I get my bicep vein to show, muscle mass or body

IAmThe Attack says:

Wait I plan on beginning bodybuilding, are there actually safe natural
drugs that I can take to enhance my physique without severe health
consequence s like taking the typical HGH, trt, tren, anavar, andriol and
all the other harmful drugs that cause your penis to shrink, destroy your
liver, heart disease, tumours etc?

JP Lebeau says:

Natural bodybuilding at the pro level and in big shows isn’t even natural,
so why bother even banning substances? they’ll be using other things
anyways that they can get out of their systems in time. Always appreciate
the honest opinion, keep it up. One of the few real honest youtubers and
only one whose videos i actually watch regularly

Ryan Ancona says:

+marc lobliner won’t like this but, if you’re natty then don’t even waste $
on supplements, it will only make 1% difference in natty world, nobody in
natty world is winning championships BC the kind of protein or creatine
they buy, leave your wallets in your pockets and do yourself a financial
favor in the long run

Emannuel Laflotte says:

And this is the reason why natural bodybuilders will never get the
recognition we deserve no unity… i agree with you mark about the
supplements i am a wnbf pro i used 7 keto dhea for my first pro show did i
win?? NO so doesn’t make me any better then the rest maybe i should just
statt jucing and try to win mr.O ….

Mason Baer says:

I was looking at your right arm pretty much the entire duration of the
video. Holy balls dude….holy balls……..

Ross Cook says:

Wowww, competed in a DFAC competition last year between OCB physique comps
because it was local and the Mr. Athletic division seemed intriguing. I
really enjoyed my experience, but what a joke with banning higenamine.
Sticking with NANBF/OCB this year.

Life says:

Hey, do you know if donating blood affects body building type training?
15 oz at a time

Justin Summersford says:

100% support and agree brother, where does the line start and finish. Why
is prescription drugs or even non prescription drugs more than fine to
take? They give you and unfair advantage on life compaired to the homeless
who are sick and cant afford them.

Ethan Zeitler says:

at 2:33 you can see where he recently injected something 

Daev Aesthetics says:
Devin Browning says:

I wanted to ask you for expertise in supplements.. I been having strength
trouble and to know from you’re knowledge what is the best supplement to
take for strength?

Salf Masse says:

Calm down bro

-Broseph - says:

I liked your segway with “Anal.Sex.” Very funny dude

zeus111 says:

whenever a federation uses the term ‘natural’ in its title, the credibility
of that federation instantly gets tarnished for stupidity. As for Doug
Miller……..yeah right!!

The NaturalMyth says:

If everyone just utilized basic supplementation this wouldn’t be a problem
however i really hope organizations don’t ban Creatine or Kre-Alkalyn.

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