Natural Bodybuilding Back Workout

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will bauer says:

ur backs shit

Nick Wright says:
Jashua Barnabis says:

I really can’t respect someone from a bodybuilding perspective who is on
gear. Most of these people started because of a self perception issue or
lack self confidence in them selves. Than they bash people like Nick Wright
because he doesn’t measure up to their enhanced standards. The only way I
can understand hoping on gear is if you were to use it for a competitive
advantage to make a living in a sport. But lets face it, if your trolling
on this page your certainly not in that position.

sgdiablo777 says:

so easy to spot an icf fanboy

Si Lingo says:


adam brown says:

LOL! don”t take this the wrong way but your a fucking moron

jeffa2006 says:

youtube “OneUpReviewz”

John Westerlund says:

Why do you care?

TheAbStand says:

Found it interesting that you don’t do deadlifts but makes sense because of
the injury. Thanks for sharing the workout with us!


ali bomaye

Tyler Webber says:

Hey Nick I was wondering how I can look for competitions for

coen071993 says:

That wasn’t even his point. His point was simply to say that if you want
those big results steroids can give you, you will definitely still have to
go to the gym and put in the work. He didn’t say a thing about cutting, so
why the fuck would you go there?

slaughtered9090 says:

why not somethin like chest/shoulders-back/biceps-legs-
chest/triceps-shoulders biceps??? does that qualify as the “brosplit” i
dont understand

LlamasAreBest says:

Shoulders. Not even once.

Sou1zify says:

Fuck the haters, Nick Wright is doing it right! Natural all the way bitches

shadowbobo8028 says:

nick i am addicted to ur intro. wats the name of the song?

John Johnson says:

are you coming to vegas this month?

Orga Sam says:

Your stupid. If you take steroids, first 1-3 month, even IF you have a
HORRIBLE diet, you WILL gain at least 20 pounds! No. you do not have to put
in the same work when stacked.

rvcaDZN says:

wtf is that outro lol

Darrell McDonald says:

Sounds like you took a preworkout before doing this video! No hate.

ExactFitness says:

lol he said doodoo

Victor Hatzie says:

Wait. Thats exactly what steroid do you idiot

nocneil12345 says:

good Video! keep it up

MJ Jaber says:

You do realize that most of these dislikes are from people on GEAR….

MrMuscleman001 says:

typically 2-3 times/wk is best.

Tommy Gains says:

A better analogy would have been comparing you or ian mccarthy to phil
heath. Layne is obviously not natural, his size and condition as well as
growing into a show aren’t natural. Maybe join GH15 and read a bit.

PaulR says:

At least we know nicks natural no doubt bout tht

Gabriel Br says:

“turning fat into muscle”… you have some learning to do pal

eminem2997 says:

my bad never noticed that!

buster999121 says:

Lmfao at these comments! What happened to youtube!? all of a sudden
everyone became an expert and know it alls.

OSXSandman666 says:

this guy has supposedly been lifting for 6 years and still looks like a fat
sloth.. lol

rafael nieves says:

fuck them hippie motherfuckers

AF723 says:

lmfao at you hating on someone who has achieved so much…I would like to
believe Layne is natty coz there is absolutely no proof that he is
juicing… Its is stupid and redundant to accuse someone merely on the
basis of speculation…

Ripp3dBrownBOI says:

bro why is everyone hating on you this is just a video of you working out
what is so wrong about this?

Transfiqure says:

more views.

rminitials says:

Better training split on paper and science backs it up, according to what
you’ve read. In practice it’s not that easy. 3 day splits are NOT optimal
for the majority of lifters. Natural or enhanced.

Orga Sam says:


Robert Newberry says:

ali bomaye by the game

rafael nieves says:

he can put whatever the fuck he wanna put!

Eddie ™ says:

Kill yourself.

Shawn Hunter says:

I think you guys are misunderstanding what Im saying, First, Nick Im
defending you against people questioning you being natural. Second, What
does weight gaining have to do with steroid use? Why would you wanna gain
20lbs of fat? You’d still have to be in the gym turning that into muscle.
My point is with or without steroids you have to be relentless in the gym.
It doesn’t just give you an award winning physique.

rminitials says:

Well I meant from start to finish. Push-Pull-Legs-Rest-Push-Pull-Legs. It’s
a 3-day split repeated twice during the week, hence hitting everything
twice. I really wish my body could adapt to that style of training as I
understand the benefits and they make sense…

Connor McCann says:

Apply wet towel to burn area….

Anthony Zavala says:

Good lord I love that outro so damn much.

LD.Tube says:

a lot of volume more

Marcus Iron says:

Layne is natty, just because the illusion of being shredded makes you
appear bigger you think he’s not natty.

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