My First Natural Bodybuilding Show Part 2 | NaturalPhreakz

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Hello Everyone, The long awaited day is finally here. Check this video out to see me on stage for the very first time. I hope this video will motivate you an…

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exzatggerate says:

35 next to him looks like he suffers from Cerebral Palsy but that’s my best
guess by watching his behavior. Good for him competing through whatever he
has to deal with. Also, your physique was crazy man, insane conditioning.
Looked great.

Dave TheDutchMan says:

Is 35 having an heartattack?!?

Jonathan Li says:

haha that guy next to you, idk why he couldnt stand still while posing LOL.
Nice work man! keep it up!
props for holding your ground when you did that front double biceps and he
bumped into you xD!

Louis Toffoli says:

Wtf was wrong with #35

TheNunakun says:

You had the best conditioning and posing. Great job!! Now to dominate the
next bigger competition. 

RandomPokecenter says:

35 got 2nd? wtf

jack trainer says:

Thanks for the share!

sbeardosh says:

Fantastic showing your quads are by far the best size and ripped. Overall
you dominated the compition.

spyderNJ75 says:

Congratulations and very well deserved.

naturaLphrEaKz says:

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