Lifelong drug free Natural bodybuilding. Flexing.

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Natural bodybuilding. Flexing. Posing. Please sibscribe and share. Ps I don’t do private vids. This isn’t meant to be sexual.

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Dark Prince says:

0:33 BOING!! check it out! that cock! so massive. yay! i dream about it
every day.

Joerg Oesterreich says:

absolutely perfect

flangered says:

Wow what was frank zane thinking taking all those drugs, he could have just
built that size naturally like you!!

Greg X says:

0:33 BOING!! check it out! that cock! so massive. yay! i dream about it
every day.

Hugh service says:

Wow that bulge man!!!!! Massive 

Sid Miguil says:

Lulz at the dumb fucks thinking this is natty, non the less looking full,
hard and shredded, no homo… full homo, wait wut!?

joeypollz says:

I love ur fair skin bro. I think it looks great!

Nico Labé says:

wow i want a private videos… you’re so fucking awsome!

Jeffrey12342001 says:


Allen Ginsburg says:
Greg X says:

mmm look how his penis sticks out. mmm yum mmm. can’t stop looking at it.

sixfourTV says:

If that was in 3D it would have slapped me across the face! Graham – just

pancakewafflebacon says:

Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on
your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us
what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you
can get. Thanks for the motivation.

BoYULuv69 says:

Wow! WoW! WOW!!

muscleboy63 says:

AMAZING natural bodybuilder!! Update?

YoSoySterling says:

Great traps!!

Verletzer says:

“This isn’t meant to be sexual.”

zudiel mia says:


Rich Gaspari says:

A body any man would envy and a woman would want

chris hobson says:

Just terrific inspiration there Graham!

R_00N says:

Strong half chub, hamstrings need work.

Jake C says:

just a beautiful looking physique.

bigmuscles250lbs says:

Oh man, great looking big perfect badass body.

Peter Conover says:

You’ve got really good proportion, Graham. I think that’s your strength. So
many guys neglect their legs, forearms, calves, etc. and it looks bad.
Plus, doing this natural is absolutely awesome, and inspirational. Do you
model? If not, you should. You’d be a great example to kids nowadays.

Tim Rain says:


PecsKane . says:

Incredible work Graham … awesome posing!

zawa kon kon says:


Leneufcinqcergy says:

out of focus. please redo

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