Layne Norton’s Natural Bodybuilding and Figure VIP Camp (Per Ferrum Ad Astra)

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Weekend to remember!

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evan kardon says:

What’s with everyone using the versa grips/straps?

Bevan Abraham says:

Out of the entire footage the greatest thing that I got out of this video
was knowing that…. Alberto Nunez is all inspiring, a zen master is an
understatement. He is the man… and…. Layne totally looks juiced… his
sheer size alone is pretty scary and looks totally unnatural.

Miguel Zorrilla says:

Go dere berto! Congrats on 600

Isak Løe Torfjäll says:

Eric’s gym is awesome.

TODR34M says:

how much did Layne pull in that shot? Nice video, great lifts.

daeHeotatoPrM says:


Sam Evendale says:

Well Done Berto! 😉

penguinbmx says: savage

Ian Angelo says:

Berto for President!

Erik Olmos says:

good seeing Ryan Dorris :)

Arturo Zuzunaga says:

Great Job Alberto you hit your goal of deadlifting 600+ pounds. Amazing I’m

TODR34M says:

Damn Berto, Don’t break the bar! @10. Nice work man!!

Dean Lester says:

Awesome weekend and grats on 605!

Mackoek says:

lol @ layne attention whoring

robbie joe says:

600 baby!!

diceroller3 says:

The one dislike is from luimarco. Anyone with better forearms than him and
looks better than him with his 20 years of training is a fake natty.

Gumi says:

Layne’s screaming was cool 😀 Altough the audience seemed confused 😀

peg372 says:

omg how dare they delay Ryan Doris’ flight…..

blackishlovah123 says:

2:30 hahaha

Italianslugger says:

When lifting that heavy, grip can fail before anything else. There’s no
need to hold that much weight with a natural grip. There is no realistic
benefit to it.

spicktacular08 says:

strong as fuck

Latissimus65 says:

Chris Lavado, the one with the sickest back. Take notes everyone.

Jacob Morenzoni says:

Bertos collectiveness lol

blCard4life says:

So much knowledge in one place!!!!

Szotak Andras says:

no disresspect, but the ROM on those deads is like the half of a regular.
look at brian’s dead for example.

Redd1587 says:

Ryan Doris is Awesome… Tell him to upload more videos on his channel

marcus winbush says:

Gd vid.

bigtonutz says:

holy shit you did it berto. good for bro. thanks for the great footage

Ronald Dean Coleman says:

Ryan Doris

Pat McRotch says:

layne is a fucking beast.

ASX2 says:

mirin so hard

Italianslugger says:

Love this vid. Thank you so much for sharing Berto. You all are the main
people responsible for actual truth being spread about fitness and
nutrition. I don’t think there’s enough praise or greatfulness that I or
anything can show for your generosity.

lmntify says:

just moving the table

johnlennonistheman says:

Ryan Doris as a roommate, WHY LIFE ARE YOU SO UNKIND FOR ME, WHY, WHY…

Christian Keene says:

Wait so does that mean you won the race to 600?

ForeverPulling says:

Berto what are the advantages and disadvantages of deadlifting in oly shoes
like Ryan?

Erik Olmos says:

these are the ppl i need to surround my self with there all bad ass

Faux499 says:

Layne lifts like a 15 year old trying to impress girls. I feel embarrassed
for him a lot of the time

oOBashoROo says:

Where are the scales to weigh your food?

PIMbroersen says:

are you implying there’s anything unnatural about that? Or are you saying
Layne and Ryan are natural athletes?

Patrick Bateman says:

that was epic

Bag Puss says:

So no one does conventional deadlifting in natural body building anymore/

a3sthetic says:

I was a bit confused about the title of this video, some of those words
don’t go together. Then I saw that the category was comedy and then
everything made sense. :)

Journey2Bfitter says:

Wow, nice rogue equipped gym

Rudolfzero says:

>americlap when pr’s lol

Greu says:

Ryan has a huge ass 3:10

MotiRagnarokum says:

Ryan Doris is just fucking insanely big

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