Larry Scott & Steroids – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health a…

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jbyeats says:

Well said Leroy. Didn’t realize that Larry Scott was so sick for so long.
I met him in Chicago with Lou Ferrigno in 1984. Larry was always a real
This Steroid Crap has destroyed Bodybuilding .
Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger today. At around 67 – he looks like a joke –
stripped off.
Compare him to Frank Zane aged 72 – who is generally agreed never to have
taken steroids.
Won the Mr Olympia title a couple of times in around 1977 & 78 – still
works out today –
& looks excellent for his age.When he won the Olympia title at 5ft 9 ins. –
he weighed just 185 – 190 lbs.
( Hard to believe 185 lbs at 5ft 9 ins. )
Let’s get this STEROID CRAP an these GROWTH HORMONES out of our Great

josephtenbears says:

I trained with him briefly when he was 53. I was 29. He told me that he
had used a “steroid program” in his earlier years, and that “there was a
price he had to pay”. I didn’t know how sick he eventually became, or for
how long. I did know that he was just a sweetheart of a guy, and his
daughter, too.

Oh adams says:

Leroy. Look at that man at this age. he has not one wrinkle on his face. He
is the picture of health and then look at your self. You look like a dead
buzzard. That man is a legend who has achieved so much life. What have you
achieved??????? besides a big mouth and being a complete loser. keep living
your glory days. You are irrelevant. Sometimes you just need to learn when
to shut the fuck up

frank gootz says:

Stop the bullshit Leroy. You took dbol, deca and whatever shit that was
around at that time just like the rest of them…with all due respect sir.

Nitrous G35 says:

I’m sorry for your loss but I am sure it wasn’t the AAS. People take them
everyday and are even prescribed them for life… If he wasn’t prone to
dementia (did it run in his family?)… Is it possible that he got it just
through old age or illness completely outside of aas? Also early growth
hormone was produced directly from human cadaver pituitary and did spread
Cjc prions (basically like human mad cow) and that directly relates to
I’d venture to say that there was a lot of hazardous chemicals all over the
world through this life… And people get sick every day…I know people in
their 30s that are breaking down due to natural or environmental causes…
Not aas… With early orals sure liver issues were defiantly there as they
still are… But that is also why you read the clinical data on any
medication or supplement before taking it… Again sorry for your loss,
just stop blaming AAS for old age and bad genetics. On a side note…
People get cancer without AAS everyday… What makes people think the AAS
contributed when they were already staring it down.

Thank you for your efforts to bring the sport to what it is today..,
without people like you and Larry Scott the sport wouldn’t be what it is.
Thank you. 

Tuco Ramirez says:

Leroy Colbert. The first man to LIE about developing 21 inch arms.

kamakazi jay says:

Leroy Colbert I use to be a fan of yours but now I cant stand you. you
uncle tom deep down you know you took aas. I hate how in your old fucked up
head you think you are the only drug free guy. you attack everyone. I
fucking cant type anymore, or think about you anymore I shouls beat your
old ass. wake up you took aas. the people that knows aas and the body know
you are full of shit about being drug free in your day. you may be drug
free now, but you know what you did in your hayday you uncle tom

Wellesley Ford says:

we love hearing from you Leroy Colbert. Keep this up. I pray that health
and fitness and sanity comes back into professional bodybuilding and a
reduction in steriod use and unhealthy life choices… You’re a great
inspiration to us all

corvettez06ss says:

what other illnesses did he have? you mentioned 1 

Shredzilla100 says:

could you do some posing?

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Leroy talks about Larry Scott and his use of Steroids.

Mrhotcoco says:

Great video once again, but please change the intro, it’s not 21 inch
biceps, it’s 21 inch arms. Just fairly annoying.

martin harland says:

theres nothing wrong with you being so careing and upset over larry
suffering leroy that guy who emailed you is an arsehole and insensitive 

Malcolm. Scott says:

How’s your friend Marvin doing , Leroy ?

Venom101002 says:

I had heard Larry had died, but I didn’t know he suffered so much. I’m
sorry to that. RIP Larry.

Mathias Flauß says:

Larry Scott took roids??… call me naiv but i`m shocked

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