Jojan – Bodybuilding Breakfast

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Bodybuilding breakfast.

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Thejizzmaster94 says:

weres the protein fat ass

SlasherCheetah says:

@souldust119 Bro, you mad cause he alpha

xmagexpro says:

lol umadbro?

annepilely says:

God you are an insecure faggot.

jamesc286 says:

dude look at ur body – then look at zyzz’s. zyzz wins my friend

MrMrOlympia says:

@maihea81 fknnn LOL


@imjohnfreeman Should see my fetishes

captainAUBS says:

Quiet time jojan. you bitchmade

C00Lcat69 says:

your hair looks like someone took a swirl shit on ur head, zyzz owns

llortking says:


TheExiledLove says:

Wow you are a ginger you twot bag, zyzz is so much better you mad?

JKoscheck says:

nice bowl

ShadowCrashed81 says:

@hazzer2000 Then. Not than. Then and than are not interchangeable. Fucking

l;sdfjdflkhgdsfg says:

sorry bro……. im /x/ and a little /a/ not /z/

TheKupoQueen says:

I love you.

passyou says:

aww you cut your banana into little slices like a little girl.

ibncognito says:

Hey look at me. I can make a video and say fuck.

hazzer2000 says:

@petrolhead1845598 i thought i was right, stupid fuck head!!! haha
petrolhead, your a hero!

Renz Rafer says:

eat your squats and do your oats

Kenny Nash says:

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you’re making some started out the year that you don’t fall you doing this
is what I do record boats to get through the fact that that up and it it
was talking to the mann act the nineteen twenties cut it sees its share for

MrMrOlympia says:


Tania Rodriguez says:

You’re funny as fuck

ValleyOfChrome2112 says:

Wheres the protein at? Maybe thats why you went from a fat fuck to a
scrawny faggot

snowangel799 says:

@C00Lcat69 ROFL.

SkeetSkeetNigguh says:

@lolholocaust u mad bro?

Abel H says:

and nice neck beard

Vladislav Ibragimov says:

arrogant bastard 😀

SlasherCheetah says:

This guy is a god. He is superior to any other being

bigtupac11 says:

lol you fagget whiteboy

ShadowCrashed81 says:

@petrolhead1845598 Oh, how about that.

hazzer2000 says:

do you have a job? seriously, i mean, look at yourself. there is more
protein in cottage cheese and sardines than in oats. ginger prick.

erniethefart says:

can i haz raging ginger?

Awgolas says:

Lolwut? No, you didn’t, unless youre roiding. You no longer have any
credibility left. Zyzz’s routine is so unbelieveably slow, you wouldn’t be
able to come any where near anybody doing a beginner’s aesthetic or even
starting strength. Harsh could demolish you.

ShakeITyEA says:


SlasherCheetah says:

@souldust119 Nah bro he’s alpha as fuck

MrMeepmoop says:

I dont know weither to respect you or hate you.

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