Jim Stoppani’s Six-Week Shortcut To Shred Workout – Nutrition Overview – Bodybuilding.com

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Get the full program here: http://bbcom.me/179JJMr Shortcut to Shred includes a precise, three-phase nutrition plan engineered to help you build muscle and b…

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Antonio Otero says:

Don’t appreciate you labeling all of your articles shortcut to this,
shortcut to that. It’s bull shit and you know it. Granted you know how to
put yourself out there, but you must also know that there are No shortcuts
in fitness ¬ NONE. I admire your work and you’ve accomplished many things
man but get real these people need the truth. Me and Jim dated for some
time and decided to go our separate ways. Keep up the great work Lex

Martin Lee says:

Yep u need a gram of protein per body weight bcuz look at the guys in
prison… Jacked up like crazy and they get a super high protein diet….
Wink wink

Dylan Ordonez says:

Another question, on the program there are many supplements he encourages
you to take but are they really that important? Its a little hard to afford
all the stuff he mentions like CLA, Yolhmbe, Green tea extract etc etc.
Will not taking these hinder progress? I would take fish oil. What do you
guys think?

ClaêsUK says:

sixweek to shred vs 12 week shortcut to size?

Dan Jones says:


SouthBayRider says:

just added this video to my favorites 

TheVicSayzzzz says:

Sorry, I might have missed but how much fat did he recommend? Anyone? Thank

Dylan Ordonez says:

Is this program going to really shred me up or make me look like more puffy
like a body builder? I dont want to look puffy and muscular, i just want to
look really ripped.

kikkirow says:

There is some good info in this video. However, this guy is saying
1-1.5grams of protein per pound. Research suggests .8-1.2grams per KILOGRAM
of bodyweight. Also, the fats portion is all Bs. All saturated fats are
bad, and the body does not process them well. Also, red meat is not
recommended, as it is high in those saturated fats. Anything from
bodybuilding.com is not credible, don’t believe it. I’m a dietitian in one
year and I have taken several nutrition courses. 

djhopesoulinsideyou . says:

The best video I’ve ever seen describing everything with good point 

GreatBritishGamers says:

This guy is awesome, some seriously good knowledge within this video!

illusionarytactic says:

apart from a few technical terms thrown here and there lol sounds alot like
broscience 101

ricardo ochoa says:

Who else took notes FTW! Great info ! Thanks for this video really got in
depth with macro nutrients and Basic things a newbie needs to know lol

Mackoek says:

Phd in bro science yea mate

SoulMan786 says:

quality information overload…

Angela Pinzón says:

Check out this video on YouTube: I did it

Nedaviah Coupland says:

Everybody is able to gain at least 10 pounds muscle mass in 8 weeks and get

swarly hanigan says:

this guy speaks way to slow for the time I have

giovanni velasquez says:

Cleans on the smith machine??

el jawhari Imad says:

Go google Ready Set Ripped to learn out how a brand new discovery made a
regular guy ripped.

mrtypr says:

Lol looks like he eats in a meth lab 

Julie T. Riley says:

In two month later on, you certainly could gain 10 lbs in muscle mass &
lose 5 To 10 lbs in body fat. All you need is an effective workout plan,
right nutrition plan & start now.

Austin Chaffin says:

Ok, this guy is on point about the Omega-3’s, Those are great, not only
for what we think of as fat burning but for health as a whole. Also,
Omega-3’s and mono-saturated fats are the exact same thing, not sure why
BB.com didn’t catch that in the research. The “mono” refers to the double
bond at the 3rd carbon atom in the molecule which is also where Omega-3
gets its name from.

sergio orellana says:

this is the best nutrition i have seen!!!

fa911662 says:

I will buy jim products !

paul harm says:

csi with food useful info tho hahaa

the rain man says:

Gummy bears post workout? Broshortcuts 

leostar18 says:

I started this program yesterday, can’t wait for tonight’s workout session.

adam adli says:

omg he’s floating in the air

Matteo Filippucci says:

Hello, have you heard about Graxile Ripped X? (just Google it) You will
discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Graxile Ripped X,
you will discover how to get ripped quickly.

astroboirap says:

lmao at the random prodding of eggs and scientific look

mproductionsmusik says:

This is BS… transfat are not the only bad fat! Beceause any over cooked
fat like in chips or meat (even with no transfat) are bad for you! High
temperature cooking create Acrylamide that is toxic to human… 

thewaterfalloflove says:

Dude looks like he has synthol arms. 

fa911662 says:

jym !

msroxiee1 says:

I’m ready to start this.

Yosbany Rodriguez says:

cook is better 

pema jayalath says:

Just google Muscle Maker Method to discover out how a brand new discovery
made an ordinary guy buff.

SkellyChippy says:

shall i eat eggs raw or cooked

Pierre Lamothe Jr says:
Camilo Erazo says:

White men running at 2:54. Fail.

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