How To Make Discount Bodybuilding Supplements Yourself

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Close recipe to make your own discount bodybuilding supplements for body building workout and supplement review.

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Antonis Damianou says:

Hi TheMuscleNerd. I’m quite sure that Maltodextrin has a very high glycemic
index, maybe even higher than dextrose. I use it in my post-workout shake
along with dextrose, BCAAs, protein and creatine.

Daniel Simons says:

I cannot believe the amount of negative comments here. I watched the video,
I got the book, I bought the supplements in bulk (so now I do have and will
make sure I keep a stock of.. BCAA’s in my cupboard!). 3 weeks later, 7
pounds of lean muscle heavier and I’m loving this shit!! Thanks Jeff, you
the man! On a sidenote, anyone in the UK taking potassium bicarb in your
workout drink? How can I get a hold of that stuff????

Asif Utarkar says:

Yep. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside
even we work out well. Listen in a best female model 2012 exclusive
interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. if
you are serious go for it now

Sam DoubleS says:

@vjlord I would also recommend creatine monohydrate, about 2.5 grams before
the gym (30-60 minutes before) and 2.5 grams after the gym. This will not
only increase size and strength, but you will notice it is a better cycle
than following the traditional “load and deload” phases, seeing as you can
continually take it. Even once you stop taking it, you will not notice any
decrease in muscle size. Other supplements for size would be BCAA’s, fish
oil, tribulus terrestris, and beta-alanine.

Ian Bell says:

Hello, have you heard of “MuscLeader” (have a look on Google)? There you
will find a great free video demonstrating how to grow visible muscles
really fast whilst shedding unwanted fat simultaneously. James and many
other guys enjoyed great results by using this system. It might help you

isaac rion says:

i actually bought this guys book collection. its amazing, i am able to make
every supplement i want. Take my word for it its fuckin nutz

MegaAdamb123 says:

Would be cheaper to pay £20 for 45 servings and much safer that throwing
your own measures of a mish mash of supplements. nice video tho dont get me
wrong 😀

patdpolishpower says:

I will stick up for Jeff. I’ve used his workout plan and his Home Made
Supplement plan, and this stuff works. You can save a TON of money by
following his advice in the program. I’m now 210lbs with around 6% bodyfat.
I used to buy the expensive supplements a long time ago and didn’t see that
much difference. His plan really has saved me money, and his Optimum
Anabolics program (which I didn’t pay for, sorry Jeff) has really worked
for me wonders.

jimbob202019 says:

hahah think your right bro

valdracool says:

damned too long make !!!

SammyJ21 says:

L-Arginine is the shit! get some Beta-Alanine in there too 😀

psychopads says:

what a retard – i thot he’s gonna give some “home recepies”.. who the fuck
has amino acids in their cupboards? i mean honestly!

Acamp bell says:

glycine…he means glutamine i think because he said the simplest form
amino acid. glutamine is the monomer for all BCAA’s

adu1991 says:

Guys, if you want REAL bodybuilding advice, go to guys like the Hodgetwins,
Sixpackshortcuts, or Scooby. They actually look like they practice what
they preach, unlike the guy in this video, lol.

Blazerelf says:

wwhy si buying a bag of whey prot is more expensive than buying a gainer
which also has whey (sometimes even more) + more stuff?

bolts512 says:

nano vapor is the worst supplement I have ever taken. Maybe thats just me,
but it did absolutely nothing. I think muscletech is just a load of shit

arsenalmanic says:

i like this guys creativty making his own supplements, BUT , its too much
hassle and mess for most people, better off buying an all-in-on quality
grade supplement for a few bucks more IMO, and also like one of the
comments below, i was wondering this gentleman doesnt come around
particulary muscular person, i dont like when individuals give advice on
supps and diets, yet they dont look like they work out themselves

Sam DoubleS says:

@vjlord Well first off I would recommend saving up a good chunk of money…
Then, go out and buy a large tub of protein. I would say Ultimate Nutrition
Isomass Xtreme is very good for bulking up without gaining too much body
fat… That, or VPX Syngex for a low carbohydrate protein (about 3g per
serving I believe). Intake 20 grams of whey protein upon awakening, 20
grams 30 minutes before the gym, and 40 grams within 45 minutes of the last
set at the gym.

sullyjr20 says:

1 scoop of jack3d will do by time I did all this shit I would be finished
my workout

Brian DeMatteo says:

nice vid please make more

Krijan Vaidya says:

This still surprise me, just how a lot of people don’t know about Kinovelax
Diet Plan (just google it), even though lots of people get good result
because of it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Kinovelax Diet Plan,
I’ve lost lots of weight by using it without starving myself.

mike robinson says:


evo9mr89 says:

hahahaha this guys is a fucking tard. the bottle he is using is a number 7
plastic which CAUSES CANCER!!! they were recalled!

sosaj64 says:

@sookmahroot Take out creatine? What? Creatine will increase ATP in your
muscle cells during the workout.

mrfood89 says:

Well he may not look the best but … he does know what he is talking
about. He is a very educated man …although i do agree that that will all
cost at least 30 bucks to get that crap and then you have to make it
everyday and … it doesnt seem worth the hassel… may i recomend nos pump
by bodyfortress at walmart… its twenty bucks and has 30 servings… i
feel good after taking it really powerful workouts

Ron Burgundy says:

i’d lean about this guy before you think about slagging him off, he’s a
veteran and knows his shit

ilovesilvia69 says:

how is this discount? this is like 75 bucks of supps.


i never got that, i mean this guy could have all the good advice in the
world, but what i don’t get is why some of these guys look like utter shit!

dkir says:

Bullshit….keep paying more for no reason…


How bout some Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine??

Dameety says:

wow your the retard bud….have you ever heard of BCAAs *branch chained
amino acids* It’s very popular actually so shows how much you know.

molmaking says:

Nothing beats super pump 250

arabmuscle says:

this guy is really really good honestly you are a really good nutritiontist
thanks alot buddy.

Ivan Ivanov says:

Hello everyone. Good video clip. My younger brother had been a fatty. He
converted himself from 283 lbs of fat into 205lbs of natural muscle mass. I
realized I was stunned. I just joined personally as I’m wanting to get
enormous muscles. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in

Steinar Belland says:

Great video, I need to bookmark this one. Thank’s

o3clipsegts says:

you have no idea what you are talking about. Id love to see what you look

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