High Intensity vs. Low Intensity Training – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Swolbraham Lincoln says:

Jason can you please ask about why somedaythem body looks good and other
days it looks so flat ?

mr bad example says:

i’m 54 and will be resuming working out after over 15 years of exercise
inactivity. just soaking up your knowledge Leroy!

Muscle4LifeX says:

Hey Jason, can you PLEASE, PLEASE ask Leroy about this.
I have a friend who use to be a bodybuilder (completely natural). Competed
a cople of times in the past, but had to quit when he got sick. He went to
the doctor but everything came back “normal” except that he had little bit
high blood pressure.
The doctor said it was bcs of his high intensity training, and the fact
that he was training and stressing way too much.
Never did he get any help from the doctor. He simply just said “stop
bodybuilding and start walking instead. No need to lift weights etc.”
Anyways, he stopped training bcs he felt sick all the time. Flue like
symtoms, aches and pains, upset stomach etc.
This was 3 years ago now, and he still has issues. The doctor won´t help
him, bcs his blood test comes back perfectly normal. He can function
normally, but he just can´t lift weights. If he does this, his symtoms
flare up in a day or so.
I feel so sad for him, bcs he loves bodybuilding and has a great physique
(or use to).
So what do you think is going on? I know you ain´t no doctor, but you know
a lot about nutrition and supplement.
Can it be that he burned himself out, and now he´s lacking some vitamin or

nameunselected says:

Ya have no idea what his philosophy on what high intensity is. A lot of
rambling is what I got out of this

Jihad Powell says:

good advise leroy keep em comming

TheSpritz0 says:

Sometimes on the weekend if I’ve slept during the day, I’m up all night
doing work too!

Swolbraham Lincoln says:

Somedays i look very full and somedays i look so flat and skinny most of
the time .

rajeev anj says:

leroy sir, i must thank you with all my heart. i threw away all this split
routine bullshit and started training alternate day full body workouts, now
i am stronger and leaner than ever before. and most of all i love training,
i feel tired no more. thank you.

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

High Intensity vs. Low Intensity Training – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

Justin S says:

“The body complains ,. it don’t explain.”

Klever Makcay says:

caaey viator..i followed his hti for a while with good results…but always

Birch Wood says:

I was fascinated …Good stuff Leroy

Ben S says:

thanks for the videos leroy, they are helping me a lot

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