High Intensity Bodybuilding Training: BE A SAVAGE!

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How To Get In The Mindset For High Intensity Bodybuilding Training: Nick Mitchell discusses how to achieve the right mindset for great high intensity bodybui…

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david klein says:

Nick, would love to see next video with your thoughts on the shortcomings
of heavy Duty high intensity training, thanks. 

CalisthenicsA3 says:

Besides this makes sense it is also so entertaining :) ! Thank you!

petercowdell says:

I think the only real problem with HIT, other than people not willing to go
far enough is that most people don’t know what true muscular failure is

OneBigRetard says:

These vids are great. And I know if I don’t understand something I know
there are a million resources for me to look stuff up. But… I like your
approach, conduct and attitude so I would love to see some more formal and
laid out videos where you explain some more detail about things. Maybe with
examples etc. If this cuts into your actual business then I can see why you

Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for these. 

kyle todd says:

“fuck that arsehole” haha

Søren Huus Rasmussen says:

Any good books you can suggest on the mental aspect of training hard?

Melanie Cripps says:

No reason for women not to exercise all month then lol Just don’t stand on
your head. Mind, body and hormones :)

RJ Walker says:

Keep the videos coming Nick! Excellent content, thanks for posting.

Tom Lawry says:

Great video nick!

David Nelson says:

Nick,I am really impresed by you channel. I was at a stand still in my
training with the overload of info being passed around. I find myself
agreeing with most of what you are saying because it make sense. Tahnk you
for you videos

UltimatePerformance says:

How To Get In The Mindset For High Intensity Bodybuilding Training

richard hamm says:

This video is awesome. I watched it before a workout and there’s nothing
like a motivational speech like this one before a grueling workout! Thanks!
I’m sure I’ll watch it a few more times

2bsure says:

Awesome video, I feel like I am training just watching you.

sfuj says:

Keep the videos coming, very informative and motivating.
Thanks Mitch.

bowzerdude5646 says:

Can you do more videos of training methods? I’ve been doing dumbbell bench
press with the twist that you showed and I can really feel a greater

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