Get Strong to get BIG – Bodybuilding Tips for Gaining Muscle

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Muscle Gain – Get STRONG to get BIG Often times, beginning weightlifters fail to see results in the gym. The want muscle gain and fail in their efforts. Ther…

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makavelidotcom96 says:

Hi there, love your channel :)
I’m 18 years old and I come from Montenegro, probably you never heard of
that and will wonder how the hell do you have followers from there hehe (it
was via your Chris Jones video btw)
Currently my lifts are (for 5 by 5):
Deadlift – 265lbs/120kg and 1RM – 350lbs/150kg
Squat – 245lbs/110kg
Bench – 175/80kg (chest lagging)
I also went from fat to fit, but there are always improvements to be made.
Good luck with your channel and other goals, greetings from Montenegro. :)´╗┐

juan alferes says:

When I started lifting 5 years ago I was 170 lbs about 16-18% bodyfat now
I’m at 205 12-14% bodyfat and I never tracked anything not my lifts or
meals. Could if have helped? Yes but its not necessary all I had was a
basic understanding of healthy meals proteins carbs etc. And did workouts
that worked best for me. I do take whey protein pre workout intra bcaa
multivitamin and omega 3 basic stuff´╗┐

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