Full Bodybuilding Contest Prep Diet, Macros, Cardio Explained

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Ishmeil Ali says:

Great video, I’m thinking about participating in my first contest. I weigh
about 199 @ 5’7. I need to get down to 163. I was almost there last year
(174) but got injured. This video has motivated me in a different way i.e.
Carb intake. Thanks again.

Miguel De Dios says:

Great video man. Were you still going to post up a peak week video? If so,
I’d be very interested. I’m currently prepping for my first competition and
I’ve been incorporating a lot of what you’ve talked about into my prep.

Annah Jamison says:

Great video/very clear explanation

Peace maker says:

How much muscle did you loose? At 181, you looked like you were 10% LBM 163.
DANG! ENDED AT 163, thinking maybe LBM 157 ROUGHLY 4%…
That is so reasonable….I think you did great!!!!
18 weeks 18 pound…PERFECTION: 

Alexei Sorokin says:

Short and simple. Great job!

JakkedTV says:

Add a message to your video

James Conley says:

When you were bulking how did you calculate 500 carbs to your weight? 


Great video mate

Sokratis Sp says:

Great video bro! 

abfitnesstrainer says:

nice bro! When was your last show

Ropeadopefit says:

Hey great video! Did you have to do anything to your water levels? 

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