Forced Reps – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert Autographs and Merchandise: Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuild…

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Ronald Riddick says:

I thought that was the priority principle? Forced Reps I thought was when
you past failure on a set with help from a partner

Shane McDonald says:

True hero of natural bodybuilding.

Muscle4LifeX says:

Jason can you please ask Leroy what is his opinion on TRT, especially in
young men.
Personally I think TRT is hyped these days. I see men in their late 30´s
and 40´s, even in some cases late 20´s talking about going on testosterone
just bcs they don´t feel like they use to, and that they´re afraid of
losing their gains. After seeing Jason Blaha´s response video to Luimarco,
I feel sad when I see how uneducated people are about this. I have a close
friend who is in his early 50´s and still have a great physique. He lives a
very healthy lifestyle. Doesn´t take drugs, very larely drunks and eat junk
I´m saying that you can have a great physique as long as you do everything
right. No need for synthetic hormones to replace your own.
That is my personal opinion, but I really like to hear Leroys opinion on

Great video btw.

Swolbraham Lincoln says:

thank God Jason finally you asked him. Been waiting for this for 10 months

Alfred LE Chimiste says:

I dont do forced reps, thats bullshit….what is most important is lifting
heavy and time under tension…so focus on a big muscle and small muscle,
and do at leat 10 sets of 6 repsperformed slowly, taking 4 to 5 minutes
rest between sets….and let your body grow.

Efren Longoria says:

Once again, Leroy rambles on the same repetitive tangents for 5 minutes,
gets to the subject, and takes 5 minutes just to make a point he could’ve
made in 15 seconds. Licks his lips in between sentences. And now… He
doesn’t even know what forced reps are… Geeze

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Forced Reps – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big


I respect you Leroy you’ve teached me alot. Thank you

Justin S says:

Was Leroy friends with Bertil Fox ??

LazyBodybuilder says:

I just want to give this guy a hug :3

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