Endomorph Diet and Bodybuilding

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Endomorph Diet and Bodybuilding is straightforward. Watch the video for details! Endomorphs can build impressive physiques as they build muscle easily, but keeping fat low can be tough. Cardio…

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Joe Askari says:

Hey dude does cardio burn muscle?

Roman Olvera says:

Gona start my journey this March 17th 2014 and this helped me alot :D

Johan Persyn says:
Maxx Power says:


jmason2406 says:

I am an endomorph weight lifter,I want to bodybuild but I cant get my diet
right.I always thought to get big you gotta eat big lots of protein but
this is saying to NOT eat too much.What is too much?And how often should I

Ted Baldwin says:
Darren Gaudry says:

What an awesome video! Straight to the facts…

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