EASY EGG Recipe For Breakfast

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http://www.LeeHayward.com — Download FREE Bodybuilding Quick Start Kit. Delicious Bell Pepper Egg Rings! Bell peppers are a beautiful and edible egg ring in…

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jimishmong says:

More cooking video!

Major210 says:

What is this spray on the pan please?!´╗┐

Mr.StoneGhost says:

“Bell peppers are a beautiful and edible egg ring in this flower shaped
beauty of a breakfast.” Adorable. The recipe is great–definitely needed to
flip those eggs, though.

LysanderChannel says:

great recipe thank you! :)

Jay Lewis says:

Hi lee how much protein am i getting from this breakfast.

Grace Gracy Boo says:

just made these 2day? awsome

tilekarta1989666 says:

Does this breakfast has enough protein? I mean I’m 73kg and I eat 6 egg
whites in the morning and I have my oats served with milk…. I thought
eggs had something like 3proteingr/egg white and 3,5proteingr/full egg

Lee Hayward says:

The whole topic of eggs has gone full circle. While the yolk contains fat,
it also contains most of the nutrients as well. I personally eat whole eggs
on a regular basis. There’s way too much to cover in a single comment, but
you can google search this and get pages and pages of info if you want to
do some more research about it.

Music4Muscle says:

@BeauBayh finish by putting pan under grill so it cooks the top

Jeremiah Gryciuk says:

Make a video showing your full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snake routine
in a day!!!

Wayland C says:

@VegeXP Eating just egg whites can lead to a biotin deficiency as well as
eating raw eggs because when cooked the glycoprotein, avidin is inactivated
and won’t bind to the biotin in egg yolks. Also, fat as a fuel source is
not bad, in fact, it is a great fuel source. If you are worried about
consuming too many calories because of additional fat in your diet then I
would suggest lowering the amount of sugar/bread/grains/pasta that you

Lee Hayward says:

@icephil54 I’ve got some leg workouts in my Playlists that you can check
out. Obviously you’ll need to listen to your body and work within your pain
threshold so that you don’t injure your knee.

DaoDC93 says:

I missed your kitchen cooking videos lol

vonok4ec says:

Those are some of the best no bs vids on youtube man ! Keep them comming !

bconley2 says:

Lee, my girlfriend and I made these this morning and just loved them. We
experimented a bit and added a bit of shredded cheese on top of the eggs
and they were outstanding. Thanks for the great video!

Lee Hayward says:

@artydean2 It’s called PAM spray and it’s just a spray cooking oil. It’s
very popular in North America.

luis aguilera says:

He lee I’m trying to cut down on weight and build more muscle so what can I
do to cute Down weight and build muscle I’m currently taking noxp3 and
going to the gym 4 times a week

Metalloid87 says:

I have my breakfast with cheese………….yummmm

jamesarongray says:

This recipe is easier than my sister.

AestheticSwag says:

Thats eggs for ya

Stewie OnTren says:

@leemhayward I still laugh at you for eating every 2-3 hours xD What

Lee Hayward says:

No, I don’t recommend that. Dehydrating yourself is very unhealthy doesn’t
burn bodyfat. As soon as you re-hydrate any weight loss will be put back on.

sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

great, except for all that salt you added

TrevSkee Cannon says:

@korva23222.. i have a feeling all decent good bodybuilders like to hide

Lee Hayward says:

@bconley2 Yeah, that sounds good.

Jshorb says:

i made it this morning it was great. My bottom started to burn b4 the top
could cook tho any suggestions? delicious btw

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