Dymatize Project Mass: Training Overview – Bodybuilding.com

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Dymatize Project Mass: Training Overview – Bodybuilding.com Get Dr. Jake Wilson’s Full Program: http://bbcom.me/1ukJmMS Project Mass is a cutting-edge traini…

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Naeem Semerkant says:

idk if anyone noticed but this is pretty much Y3T

antonio romero says:

Thanks Dyamatize for this axelent program & Bodybuilding too.

Marco Rodriguez says:

My current workout routine/split is basicly this program here. I use the
legs/push/pull routine as showed here. As well as combining cycles of
power/strength training and hypertrophy work while alternating high volume
and high intensity. I’ve made great gains from this. But of course
bodybuilding.com is gama use this as a selling product for supplements and
other things lol its all good though

Yannick Decottignies says:

No PDF to download? i dont wanna use a website to track it online, there
isnt a link on BB to DL this plan, i would do it :/

Jorche Clunie says:

Really interesting and usefull information

jorgen1990 says:

Eh, excuse me Mr. Time, I’m gonna need an 8-day week… :D

Rafaela Borgheti says:

a big porcentage of my course is displayed here, awesome

Jeffrey Kim says:

this is true science. he’s basing everything off previous research and also
from the CSCS. will be starting this program TODAY!

Sophian Boughrara says:

Why experiment on someone who is already huge? Why not try it on a skinny
guy so we can actually see the differance?

Barry White says:

I’m a 54yr old male. At my age will my muscles grow using this program? or
is it too LaTe for me

Adam Rosenfeld says:

It would be cool if the Dymatize mass gainer was back in stock as well-
been two months now. 

Arnold Strong says:

That’s Cool and new to the community in Australia.

But in Australia, you don’t see or have anything like this just the usual
Cricket, Horse racing, Rugby League and Rugby Union, AFL, Swimming and

That’s it!

Nothing like United States of America more vibrant and exciting! Than be
all political and religiously controlled sports by corruption.

Why is why there isn’t much democracy, equality not just by gender but
others like ‘birth of place, race, religion, skin colour’ and freedom of
speech here.

Mark Holmes says:

Just started this program today, ready to hit it!

Made Bayu Yudha P says:

make it simple, please….hhhrrr

vennexus7 says:

Pseudo science to make us buy shit.

Sebastian Rothe says:

He said you should train legs, back, chest and then arms. Where in this
training should I train abs? After back?

Roberts Jansons says:

challenge accepted

Jason Yip says:


Arnold Strong says:

You ever see something like this ‘Research Labs for Bodybuilding’ in any
third world countries like India?

Doubt it!

What about other countries be under the rule, control by Islam ‘Sharia Law
and Communism’ like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq,
Iran, China, North Korea, Africa etc. unlikely.

The community there is too old fashioned! What they hell they know about
bodybuilding and fitness only Religion and Politics. 

Marko Fish Tank says:

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