‘Day In The Diet’ Y2E7: UK Student Bodybuilding

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Christian Chalk says:

Big fan but “An adult male weighs at least 200 pounds” – Mark Rippetoe. Eat
more gainfully. 

AJ Aesthetics says:

Good to see this type of content back mate

Sean ThompsonTV says:

‘Day In The Diet’ Y2E7: UK Student Bodybuilding

ZaakRevis24Jr says:

Hey bro been watchin ur vids for a couple of months now,could you plz tell
me what u did for acne and beard?

ObesetoBeast says:

Glad you are back man, Back to normal haha

Stefan Müller says:

hey bro i have a quick question do i’m bulking to and i have 600 g of carbs
and i think i can have 1000 g of carbs and still stay lean, but when i eat
higher in fats i tend to gain a bit more weight, so when i increase my
calories the next time should i increase fat and maybe lower the carbs a
great video too bro!!

HumerusFitness says:

Dat pec deck angle was so innovative with the gorilla, good to see another
‘day in’ vlog!

MattDoesFitness says:

Really enjoy these vids dude, awesome stuff!

dadondutta says:

chicken beans and rice is over 1000 calories?

MrWhippy69 says:

Another day in the diet! Man this is my fav series of yours 😉 I’ve watched
everyone haha Keep it up man. Your content is incredible. 

Visionary Fitness says:

What kind of c ok mputer do u have and how much did it cost?

MrShado23459 says:

I had tried to get bigger arms for almost a year and a half straight and
got 11/2 inchs + so my arms were 15.25 then I started a program called
smolov squat program and didn’t even work my arms and they shot up to 16.5
in 3 months. Like what the faq wish I did that sooner and btw the squats
shot my squat up +80lbs in 3 months

bart4runescape says:

Can you upload more physique progress updates? Maybe in the end of a video
showing your progress. No homo.

MyChorizoSausage says:

11:27 Wait according to the myprotein website, one serving (I assume is one
42g scoop) is 364kcal – is this correct? Seems alot for something fairly
small and doesn’t match with your table


Your hair looks ridiculous mate, how much fucking weed did you smoke in the
dam lol

The Jacked Philosopher says:

Keep them videos coming Sean. I’ll see if I can meet you next Saturday. ;D

Gains University says:

Yeah them brownies in Amsterdam have some mystery macros fo sho ;p 

annarection says:

i really miss sseeing you without a shirt on

DavidGracieLifting says:

Brilliant video again, congrats on 40,000 subscribers by the way

Shaun Stokes says:

Why are you doing low volume ?

Finlay Cameron says:

lol that guy’s face at 7:30 onwards

Tommy James says:

Why would you preach about health and fitness and then go to Amsterdam just
to smoke a bunch of weed? Idk but it doesn’t make any sense to me …. 

Kayla Parker says:

We are subscribed to all the same YouTube channels :)

Edouard Robinson says:

15yrs old, 162lbs, have gained 3inches on arms and good size on chest and
thickness on back. Can’t seem to build delts ir traps though. Recently I
hace been ttaining shoulders and traps three times a week. Is this a good

Larry Lopez says:

Glad to see you in my subscription feed again!

AnonyMouse says:

Micro nutrients….0.

riper009 says:

dude ur diet is awful

brandon mouncey says:

What editing program do you use?

Kam Fitness says:

Bet it feels good to be exam free 

ToThePoint FIT says:

Loving the old videos back mate, you’ll be back where you were before you
know it, keep killing it

Ansar B says:

great video, sean. day in the diet might just be rivalling summer shredding
as my favourite youtube fitness series of all time, lol, especially since
this is so relatable (UK university student point of view)

keep it up! + congrats on 40k 

Aaryn Whitelock says:

i can see where people are coming from about the whole ‘ he’s pushing the
products to much ‘ but for fuck sake he’s sponsored , thats what he’s
supposed to do ! i mean , id promote goods if i was sponsored, and I’m sure
you would to right ?!!

JohnnyType2 says:

Chris Jones is coming to the UK you should do a collaborative with him.
Love your viols, you keep it real. But a 30 inch waist ain’t average it’s
really small. Even when I’m single digit BF my waste is at least 34.

Flexfox Fitness says:

nice vid and progress broski! if you have time for the little people check
out the 2 yr transformation vid I just posted!

quoc viet nguyen says:

great video, Sean!
What camera are you using for your videos?

Joshua Brown says:

Really enjoying your videos sean! Will have to meet up at bodypower! Ive
just started my channel would really appreciate it if you checked it out!

Much Love!

Jason College Fitness says:

Quality was great! What Camera are you using instead of the DSLR?

Bart van Swaaij says:

Just upload what you want to upload, this is your channel, not ours. People
who like you for who you are will respect you anyway. Keep it up man! :)

GDFitness says:

Can’t wait for my channel to start making some progress like this. Just
started but Im putting in the work. Getting into the best shape of my life
and sharing the journey with others

ismail mo says:

can anyone recommend any protein flavours? i bought choc nut and it tastes
like shit. any suggestions for flavours that go well with water are really

Glutes and Gadgets says:

Bringing back Subscribers sessions anytime soon?

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