Budget Bodybuilding | Food Shopping | Student Edition!

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10 Simple Tips to help students on a budget save money! Budget Bodybuilding Food / Grocery Shopping Student Edition. Bodybuilding Tips, Tricks and Advice at University / College. ▷Buy GymShark…

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Lorenzo Franco says:

It’s true. Never go shopping when you’re feeling a certain type of way.

Once, I went shopping. Bought some condoms (they were on offer). Got home
didn’t know what to do with them. So, i decided to give them my neighbours
(they’re newlyweds). Them motherfuxkers kept me up all night, the cunts.

Tom Gamble says:

Your diet is terrible 

Sean ThompsonTV says:

Budget Bodybuilding | Food Shopping | Student Edition!

ANeonTiger says:

TFW you live in the US and don’t have strawberry pencils

ObesetoBeast says:

This is a super solid video man

BogdansFitTV says:

Good Tips man, I dont know how it is in the UK but in the states we wouldnt
show our card numbers lol people might try to steal!

KashimaroKid says:

Just a random question here. I just started working out and im cutting
should i be doin any muscle workouts or totally focus on cutting first?

Adam Burnham says:

I spend just shy of £100 for an entire month. 2400 cals a day with 190-200
protein. Quite proud of that tbh.

Pure Muscle Gains says:

them feels of filming when you’re food shopping alone, still ain’t used to
that yet lol

Alex Blow says:

Sup Sean, do you have an Aldi near you? I switched from Sainsburys to Aldi
about 6 months ago and saved myself a fortune. For instance, those Uncle
Ben’s packet equivalent are like 40p, Baked Beanz are 35p and chicken
breast is £6/kg. I know you talk about ‘nicer’ food in this vid, and as a
bit of a foodie, I can honestly say that Aldi products poop all over
Sainsburys, even the big brands! Give it a shot bruhhhh!

TooLong says:

How much fucking orange juice cartons u buying mate fucking hell, do you
know know how many glasses of sugar they put in those bitches.

GymSmart says:

Tip. You’ll make more gains if you actually carry your basket instead of
wheeling it around like you’re going on holiday. 

Mike Diamonds says:

Awesome Video Sean!!! Also another Tip for the Students out there, Write a
list, and make sure you stick to that list, so you don’t spend more than
you have to. Also buy your meat at a Buchery as it’s much cheaper than at
the Super Market (atleast where I have lived). Lol and if your in a Cut, I
dont buy candy cause ill binge eat all of those intra carbs in a day. Solid
Solid Video bro!

Alee Reza says:

Go to the supermarktet in the morning, everything is fresh. The meat,
chicken, fish, fruits, veges…

IamZedX says:

I wanted to know the food you bought though

Burton Bao says:

Did you just flash your credit card number to the world? ._.

Shane Colgan says:

See, we don’t mind people like you saying they get good money from YouTube
because unlike other YouTubers *cough* KSI. You don’t spend your money on
shit, like you said you invest it into your lifestyle :)

bySeeb says:

TIP: If doing self checkout, mask your fruit and veg with cheaper
alternatives. E.g. If you have 7 bananas, put them through as 7 yellow
peppers. It will save you few quid in the long run.

Shadi Y says:

I remember that old video about grocery shopping. It was the video that got
me to subscribe to your channel in the first place. I’m glad you’re coming
back to your roots. Keep up the good work Sean :)

ZombieTube4u says:

You’re addicted to krave lol 

Bradley Wilson says:

Anyone in uk know if you can get bison meat anywhere 

THATlad NOBLE says:

How the hell did you get all those reward coupons lol. I only shop at
Sainsburys and they once in a blue moon come out. Maybe the machine empty I

MC Fitness says:

Another very useful video for us fellow students! This is why you are more
of an inspiration compared to anyone else. Keep inspiring Sean! 

The Strong Girls says:

Typical student diet: Cereal, fruits, yogurt and gummies ;p I ate exactly
the same…-Stef

FaxGaming1 says:

Is it not really easy to steal when doing the self-checkout thing?

MrProzerman says:

Yes I needed a video like this!! However my trouble is how much I should
eat,what to eat and the intervals of when you eat. Also when do I also
workout. I’m skinny(only weight 9 stones) and want to gain weight so if
anyone could reply with an answer or tips then that will be awesome!!! 

InTheFX says:

Useful vid, cheers man

Tom Gold says:

Maybe give up the Chronic and you can buy better food!!

Moon Leah says:

Ostrich and horse. wut

Zach McAdam says:

So glad you’re posting regularly again man 

peter ajayi says:

Great vid and this is not a hate msg but I’m suprised you call it on a
budget and yet your getting all the branded stuff.yiu should do a video
where you get all of what you’ve just bought but from aldi just out of
interested so we can compare costs. Keep up the good work love the food


thanks for this one sean!!

E. Zol says:

You have the sexiest smile ever 

Jimmy Hustler says:

Uni for me starts next week, 2 more years and my budget hurts so damn much
I seriously cant afford to get as much as I want but I do my best. Baked
beans, tuna in oil, peanuts and really cheap frozen meals is the best I can
do but I’ve still made gains and am stronger than I’ve ever been. Once I
get my degree and career kicks off I’m going to blow the fuck up like
nothing else. Thanks and love the vids mate

MrPreZidentZ says:

Sean I really think you should clean up your diet. I get that you want to
enjoy your food but I feel like you have a lot of influence over some
people with your channel and are a role model to many starting their
bodybuilding journey. Being a student isn’t really an excuse since you
could spend the same and eat healthier. Bodybuilding ain’t about eating
Krave and sweets everyday

BallOrNothing says:

Good video man, pretty sure you keep uncle bens in business lol

Iain Best says:

Isn’t this a little off topic and patronising to your viewers, who I’m sure
have been shopping before? I reckon you should have focused on tips for
shopping when trying to build muscle, there are plenty of ways to get your
macros while on a budget.

Victor Holm says:

Hey Sean! I was just wondering what you were doing with food when you lived
at home? I’m 17 right now and the only thing I buy myself is chicken since
I live with my girlfriend (and her parrents and 2 siblings) so I don’t
really have a say in what I want for dinner etc. So the I eat oats and eggs
in the morning, chicken, rice and veggies twice and then whatever is for
dinner which is usually shit food…

Jamie Wood says:

Free spoon with a box of krave! You forgot to add this into your commentary
sean; save money on buying cutlery ;)

ExactFitness says:

Great video! 

Uncle Lester says:

dayum….becareful wit that food =/ its gonna catch up to u eventually. I
didnt see u take one single vegetable

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