Bodybuilding Training: How To Train Twice A Day Properly

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TheBuddhastyle says:

the shirt hahaha just why??

nignorway says:

this guy needs a new shirt

Ag zyz says:

Thank you so muck I’ve learned so much from you Vince :)

di Bastian says:

If I am doing 20 min of high intesity cardio on the morning before
breakfast and then weight lifts on afternoon…. is it right?. Other
question… I should take my breakfast first and then do my workouts?

sixfootfourwarrior says:

Not hating but the reason Ben is able to train the same muscle group 5
times a week is because of the recovery benefits of anabolics

mrphuckbud says:

cardio cardio cardio. before breakfast or after a workout. you cant target
where you want the fat to come off so eat clean and run and youll get there

tapp3r says:

You can’t grow without food my friend. Training is a waste of time if you
don’t eat enough.. so first thing- get a job so that you can afford food.

Vince DelMonte says:

No, unless you’re training to be a runner.

Mateo Arteaga says:

I know.. & i do cardio a lot, but but i heard if you to do much cardio you
will star losing muscles… is that true ?

Rebel with Cause says:

Green split peas would be great for you. They are high in protein and
fiber, and also have a good amount of carbs. I always cook 1/2 cup of them
and then let them cool off a bit before I blend them up.

supadan4 says:

have you tried dymatize elite whey ?

Vince DelMonte says:

I’m Canadian. Not everyone is American :)

Iamalpha andomega says:

? Thanksgiving isn’t till November.

mrphuckbud says:

protein doesnt make you break out increased hormones from working out does.
if you drink LOTS of water you can decrease this effect. i personally drink
700ml per set… youll be pissing every 5 minutes once youre done at the
gym but its well worth it.

Jo Mansfield says:

if you dudes require to get ripped a lot quicker without spending a single
another minute in the gym, then you really want to keep an eye on this
online video SIXPP.COM I ransack public libraries, and find them full of
sunk treasure.

Vince DelMonte says:

Wasn’t my intent. Sorry if it was taken that way.

Ash Ketchum says:

Is lifting in the morning and interval training in the evening good for fat

Morgan Radu says:

haolele cocalare mancatias GJ KEEP it up! 😀

Samuel jones says:

can i do cardio in morning and evening

GarlicMayoMan says:

Hi vince will being a blood donor effect my training any way shape or
frame? Thanks Paul

2MesutOzil3 says:

What are some good exercises to improve your posture? My shoulders go
forward and I got like a slouch in my back, my just dips in and it looks

Mateo Arteaga says:

Does someone know what is the best way to get ripped of lower back fat/love
handles ? I am 17, Skinny, and kinda ripped but idk how to get ripped of
that last bit of fat!.. Can someone help me? Thanks :)

Szotak Andras says:

I have fractured my jaw, so i’ll have to stick to Blenderized Diet. tips?

mrphuckbud says:

that sucks man. what i would recommend is do what you can with what you
have. a pullup bar and pushups can go a long way. if you want good results
the only things you need to do are perform your exercises with a full range
of motion meaning go all the way down and all the way up… no half reps.
also keep going until you cant do anymore and then still attempt to do
more. keep track of what you did and push yourself to do more the next time
you workout. good luck

Freddie Zee says:

Vince what do you think about Qunol Liquid CoQ10?

rodsteelaces says:


Iamalpha andomega says:

But aren’t you in America atm? You could celebrate 2 thanksgivings and make

mrphuckbud says:

you have a lot of things holding back your gains unfortunately. i would
invest in some creapure creatine monohydrate it costs less than $30 for 200
days… well worth the investment and you will see a big difference once
you start using that if you lift weights a lot

Rave DeGrave says:

Sounds like a bunch of excuses. My advice: drop the excuses

mrphuckbud says:

if you donate blood every day yes. i wouldnt workout right after giving
blood but you will be fine even if you do

mrphuckbud says:

i have had way better results lifting on an empty stomach and i know vince
does the same. anyone says this is bad for you doesnt understand exercise

milontua says:

should you do cardio or an ab workout in the morning, and then in the
afternoon you do a full body weight training workout.

stuo11 says:

you have to eat more, just push it down man lol, or try more fatty foods to
complte your calorie intake, i like having olive oil on bread with almond
butter in total usually 800 calories a meal for me! and try fatty meats and
potatoes, just throw it in the microwave if our lazy dude.

mrphuckbud says:

i mean every exercise… every set would be a little excessive haha

Socrethar says:

weird, youtube didnt show this on my feed even though im subscribed

Vince DelMonte says:

What you take depends on your goals. If you’re trying to bulk definitely
protein powder, carb powder, creatine, bcaas, and vitamin c would be at the
top of my list.

Jason Trujillo says:

supplement wise…Should I be taking anything in between workouts. I
usually take my pre-workout and creatine as my recovery after my afternoon
workout. but should i be taking anything after my morning workout? like
more bcaas? thank a lot! -Jason

Vince DelMonte says:


neicebug says:

I love the kitchen location!!! Nice.

dragonUSMC1 says:

one of the best bodybuilding q&a on the tube……

mrphuckbud says:

its not a joke its canada haha

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