Bodybuilding Training Episode 32 by Musclemania Pro Tuan Tran: Chest and Conditioning

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MikeElAngeloMusic says:

Is it me or do you work out your legs a lot?

RasFitness says:

gotta love your creativity in working out Tuan, and obviously it works for
you, might try some of this stuff out this week :)

m3rcy1 says:

Fuck you’re the man, Tuan.

760jkwon says:

man, you put your body through hell. i love what you do, tuan! keep up the
good work!

Firstefdc Lastvfd says:

your a boss never stop and can you tell me the name of all those songs

Liam Totten says:

You realize Mike Chang is a conman only interested in money, and Tuan is a
champion pro bodybuilder and powerlifter….right?

Fack Yuu says:

The Tuan theme I love starting at 5:22! oh ya, that gets me pumped up!

nabil motlagh says:

Hey tuan. I recently strained my pec benching. Has this ever happened to
you? What do you recommend ?

dedsa das says:

name of the song that starts around 5:30 ?

Tuan Tran says:

Increase total calories burned because chest workouts are low calorie
burning workouts. As for other bonuses of plyo training, improved athletic
performance, mobility, coordination, muscle balance, speed, power,
explosiveness, core strength/endurance, better stabilization around the
ankle, knee and hip complex. Last, with my contest coming up in 16 weeks,
if I going to come in the most conditioned ever, plyometric training paired
with solid nutrition and resistance will push me to a new level.

ryanmanggala says:

sixpackshortcuts? haha y dont u do Tuan’s routine for 6 months n do Mike’s
routine for 6 months.. n see which one is better. haha

olgoldboots8 says:

Tuan I am incorporating this into my next chest workout

MarkeyGRNM says:

i must say in your defnse that i have been watching your videos for about a
year and half now and i have seen a lot of improvement in my strength, i am
only 17 and i bench:345, squat:415, Clean: 255, incline:295. and yes it is
a matter of opinion and the sixpackshortcut is more in this for the money,
not the satisfaction of actually helping people. we all know how you put
into making your videos and we all appreciate it, thank you!

sergel02 says:

Gotta find out that music at 6:00

ohthatbrownguy says:

thanks man, that helped A LOT… Im gonna try incorporating training like
this in my workouts

Liam Totten says:

You’re taste of music is fucking fantastic. Logic is a boss. I’m seeing him
on Saturday.

Phúc Nguyễn says:

How tall are you. Tuan? I’m Vietnamese 😀

bjwinning says:

looking SWOLLEN

iscratchmybutt says:

what weight class are you going after this time? 180/

Cheesycortez says:

Such inspiaration. making one go beyond the limits from videos. Keep it up!


16 weeks out? Tuan man your going to be insane can’t wait for the video
countdown from 8 weeks out till doom day, mirin’ your physiques since i
subscribed 2 years ago!!

Elias Thedigger says:

dam shoulddve watshed the vid to the end befor the first comment! Dog you
put your hart and soul in to it!

MikeDunn says:

Hey Tuan. I think you should consider having a one time payment option for
your training services instead of only having a monthly subscription. The
thought of paying month after month, especially in today’s economic times,
isn’t very appealing. Especailly for someone like me that’s having a hard
time finding a job.

Truestt says:

Can you post the routine?

Joe Sunz says:


saaandberg says:

Tuan, do you see any benefits from not “locking out” in benchpress? from my
experience only people with injuried elbows do not lock out. The benefits i
see from locking out is that you get assistant muscles working. and when
more muscle groups are working out the better, right? also.. when you
lockout your elbows in bench press, you activate the innerpart of the chest
with a full R.O.M. it”s like when you do a pushup.. you go all the way
down, not by doing half reps. /kalle

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