Bodybuilding motivation – WARRIOR

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JerichoDMZ says:

“You want to win the war? Know what you’re fighting for.”
My last and final generation iron edit. Enjoy it!

LightsOnTranceOn says:

+JerichoDMZ Great video bro ! well done well done ! btw please whats the
name of the first track ?????

iThale says:

no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, i’m going to make it.

WiseFlow says:

The thing I love about bodybuilding is you can apply the same principles to
everything in life. 

Broom says:

Im about to just download all your videos and listen to em when I workout
man. You do a damn good job with these things.

MySilentAss says:

This one is absolutely epic! Already sure this won’t be the only time I’ll
watch this one.

Bella A says:

freakin Amazin -ya knocked it out of the ball park again! great Vid.

Juan Lopez says:

Very motivational enjoyed it very much 

iRockyFX says:

Fuaaark mirin Chris Jones clip

Cuchi Frito says:

I’m going to Make it! Great Motivation! 

luca sinapi says:

The best Motivation channel

Harjot Singh says:

Love ya +JerichoDMZ ❤

Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding) says:

Man, great video, love the words!!!

Mahmoud Ghaddar says:

i was watching it before i sleep and suddenly had a pump because of the
video, now i can’t sleep :(

CellebralAssasin619 says:

Great Video !!!!. can somebody tell me the name of the music?

G Money says:

This video is tha shit thanks nothing but great videos Jericho keep it

ramirooo96 says:

Fucking AWESOME !!! keep it up !!!!!

Tom Puls says:

good job!!! very motivational <3

GetBigNow MOTIVATION says:

Nice atmosphere man, like it!

tookie williams says:

speakers, in order
les brown, td jakes, john cena, elliott hulse 

HULK production says:

Great editing :) No Pain No Gain !

MrDreday79 says:

Chris jones made the cut 

sal cerna says:


Orlando Rivera says:

Awsome video!

amino fuel says:

Love your videos man, where did u get the first speech??. 

manuel robson says:

Bodybuilding motivation – WARRIOR:

Train Harder says:

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