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VIDEO CREDITS: Brandon Beckrich/AllMax Nutrition Guy Cisternino/Muscular Development SadikHadzovic/GAT Nutrition …

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Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding) says:

Just what we needed before leg day!!!

mcuttersh says:

I wanted to thank you for responding to me and others, it means a lot.
Someone commented on hearing that alert, I feel the same. The athlete at
the beginning Guy Cisternino is a total bad ass. Much respect to all of
you, you are making a difference in peoples lives. I am a Seattleite as
well, born and raised. Russell Wilson is very inspiring to my mental. Go
Hawks, see you next week.

Job de Vries says:

Makaveli his videos get me so pumped Up, I don’t even need to take a
pre-workout anymore before going to the gym! You’re videos are the best,
keep them coming :)!

rayn star says:

Hey Maki….

Yup yup I never skip leg day ….

And I believe in one day you will kill someone with your vids ….☺☺☺☺
Unbelievable man never stop bro ….

mcuttersh says:

Killer video man!! Thank you for the inspiration again. I watched this
after I just happened to do a ferocious leg workout. Couldn’t walk when I
was done but I could eat and watch this.

LightsOnTranceOn says:

+MAKAVELI*MOTIVATION Bro ! and my friend !! another killer video. going
right to my phone. I download most of your videos and just put them in the
phone and listen from the headphones when I am in GYM… btw here I give
you a tip you maybe can use this music for your video its awesome look at
this link. its perfect for bodybuilding it has slow start but after 0:35
its killing bodybuilding music watch?v=VKDTB1F-jRw -)) cheers man ! and
Train hard feel Better -)

Ivan Garcia says:

just happen to watched this before hitting the gym!!! Fucking awesome work
brother!! @1dayi_will 

Daniel Palermo says:


tj97juline says:

Badass video for your next video use the song emphatic stronger

Thierry Beauvais says:

Your videos always popping! Keep them coming maybe twice a week???

junbo92176 says:

great video man. I get excited every time I get the alert. 

paul walla says:

Why do all the bodybuilders in these videos have to look the same? They are
all bold or got extremly short hair, same with the beard, are about the
same size and proportions, are white and wear the typical gym gear. 

toxic2981 says:

What’s the name of the athlete in the beginning?

abc111able says:

Great videos man, watch them every time before I go to the gym.
What’s the name of the guy at the beginning of the video?

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