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MrShado23459 says:

Can I get some help? I’m in Highschool and trying to get into collage for
football. Everybody on defensive line expect me takes d-Bol. To get to
collage I know I would have to take it. I can’t get anything else like anti
estrogen. How bad would it be to take a cycle of only d-Bol at 20-30mg a
day for 4-6 weeks? I’m 6’4 210 and about 15% bf and 16 (17 in March) years

PumpTrainingProgram says:

Great motivation video man!!

RoanZ says:

This is epic, music fits perfect

Jeff Logan II says:

Great vid guys

GB P says:

video with fitness athletes ? 

PolishMuscleMen says:

Great work Fanzi, as always ! today destruction shoulders approved :D

SJ 1Fouad says:

Fanzi great work! WHO is BUILDER 1:54? thanks

Richard Dzk says:

0:31- 0:33 who is he ?

Eiwar II says:

Amazing video as always. 

Sincere One says:

The guy at 0:17 looks like the Dr Jekyll from League Of Extraordinary

Kristian Masar says:

0:11 – 0:12 Who is he ? Great video (y)

MrSham3less says:

good as always but why so short? 4 min minimum

Aqil Mohdzahir says:

Awesome video! thanks for the motivation man!

Tyler Barch says:

who’s the african american guy covered in tats ? 

Pramod Sonawane says:

Awesome video, clips are all new nice, great work

Alex Hoskin says:

Squat form at 1:04 is insane!

skinnyhardgainer says:

Nice work! Metro-flex GYM buddy!!!

Oscar Thomassen says:

Needed some motivasion, thx 

ahcor lucifer says:

00:12 name of this bodybuilder is not lorenzo becker 

Lakhvir Singh says:

Awesome video
P.S. I didnt even watched it yet and also liked it already

lemec denface says:

1:17 LOL

Who is the guy at 0:39?

From The Rock says:

bravo pour ce beau montage!

FSA777 says:

COOL! Real stufffffff!!!!!!!

Aryan Memar says:

whoz the kid @ 2:02 ?

Danja Russ says:


Cuchi Frito says:


Fanzi Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation says:
ahcor lucifer says:

00:11 – 00:12 name ?

Loo Mrc says:

Becker eeeeeh oui !

Iron Bug says:

Lorenzo :D

Max Grek says:

the name of the guy at 2:02 please…

MrSyroden says:


diovthet says:

so roided lol

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