Bodybuilding motivation – Ronnie Coleman

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JerichoDMZ says:

I made this in my free time and still learning how to do motivation for
only one person.Which bodybuilder you’re wanna see next week?

Alex Doan says:

“Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but ain’t nobody wanna lift this heavy
ass weight…. BUT I’LL DO IT.” – Ronnie Coleman

Bruno Andradre says:


Viktor Nilsson says:

So bad music and edited I didn’t even watch the whole thing.. come on, u
can better

Wayne Prezzler says:

Has to be Wrath McGrath……

Horyn says:

moc dobrá práce! :-) Sleduju tě od začátku a pořád se zlepšuješ, skvělé.
Doporučuju zkusit Kvina Levroneho, dobře se ti na nem bude trenovat. Má
hodně videí, hodně motivačních řečí a už koluje i spousta sestříhů s ním,
tak to z toho můžeš nakoukat :-)

G Money says:

a kai greene motivation video would be nice or a Robby Robinson n arnold
old school video

Modestos Modestou says:

Nice work Jericho!Can we have Jay Cutler for next week?

HomeAesthtics says:


Kuku loal says:

Can you please share the background music name

Volterac says:

If I can give you any constructive criticism it would be, don’t use footage
from retired athletes, If I click a ronnie coleman video I want to see him
at his peak, I want to be motivated and pumped up, I don’t want to see him
in his retired state, it’s more depressing than motivating.

ShadowStyle369 says:

Love it keep up the good work 

Louis Sardanelli says:

Well done! #TrainLikeaFreak

israel guevara says:

Name of the song? Please :)

Joshua Kenyon says:

Tom Platz!!!!

tookie williams says:

bro god bless you for this, I was just looking for ronnie coleman specific
videos a few days ago, also, do you think you could make an evan centopani
or an aaron clark video at some point?

Bobby55729 says:


Sebi Lumperdean says:

Keep going bro

BEAST EviL says:

Name song please? :)

Kuku loal says:

Please name the song :/

Mat zi says:

Ronnie is the king! he’s the man

Jack Eldridge says:

Great stuff mate!

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