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clashbrosbraul says:

LIke the video but not the song

Ivan Alexander says:

Why do all their songs sound the same?
not hating, i like your videos but rob and hustle standard songs are

musclefactory2010 says:

Fanzi is the best in this business right NOW !!!

elykdogg says:

What vid is the roman fritz shh from?

HardCoreParkour91 says:

Whos that guy at 1:40 in the yellow t shirt? Hes a beast

Mind PUMP Motivation says:

Fanzi, fuck!!
I workout today!

Joel Carrasquillo says:

They don’t want trouble. Square the Fuck up.

GetBigNow MOTIVATION says:

Very *GOOD* production buddy!!
Fanzi videos: guaranteed motivation :)

Kipling Turner says:

Whose the fella lifting and sculpting at “2:26, and 2:50″…

Ownage´s Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation says:

Anyone knows the names 1:39 ? ty

Nikos Xeni says:

Thx for the good video…!!!!

StaneTMI says:

Once again a masterpiece !
Very good job Fanzi, always looking forward to your videos !! :-)

Efren Hurtado says:

who is the guy at 31seg, and which also appears in at 43seg and 1:05,

Ricardo Teixeira says:

Awesome video. I just can’t stand Rob Bailey song. Except for Hungry, all
the others are boring for my ears lol

Fanzi Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation says:
hugo andres says:

1:39 its the best moment of all the video

Musa Ali says:

2 Fucking Fat Likes

dwgj18 says:

Who is the BBer at 15second mark?

masterlyrics1 says:

I love watching workout videos but that song that was pic is f******
garbage how can I get motivated if I hear does that type of song

Stan Imal says:

Always great vids!!! Keep them coming!!
With +Lorenzo Becker 

Adronza says:

Keep making this surprises brah! Amazing stuff!

TiqerArts says:

What kind of shit music is this tho?

Jovany Curiel says:

Fanzi! Keep these vids coming! Fucking Awesome!!!! 

lawnmower72 says:

good video but that song is fucking dogshit!

Florian Guyot says:

could anyone tell me who are the guys at 2:08 and 1:40 ?

94siesta says:

Who is the guy at 0:10??

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