Bodybuilding Motivation – No Time To Waste

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Got motivated? Here’s a great workout plan: Facebook: More Pictures, Videos & Quotes at: h…

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Kiawash Davoodi says:

If u see this we would appreciate if u liked our new page for dedicated bodybuilders –> facebook . com/BodybuildingFitnessQVT

AmandaMixson589 says:

Have you heard about Morsch Muscle Madness? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to build muscle fast.

Jolin Schouten says:

in description 

frozenshit22 says:

Celldweller – The Sentinel (0:00 – 1:16 ; 2:55 – 3:29)
Steve Jablonsky – It’s Our Fight (1:17 – 2:54)
In the description.

JamesTylerJ says:

Cutler looks like Hellboy

Romeo Montague says:

First song. The sentinal-Celdweller. You’re welcome 

Agustìn Bolso says:

the best motivation ever

MrFiloucelli says:

Quelqu un leur a dit que cétait trop chum??

thanosguitarist says:

Wow that’s scary…

RitaPhillip395 says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other people do it easily using MAD Muscle Ripper (Google it).

Miki Mitrev says:

BEST bodybuilding MOTIVATION EVER. I reuploaded it cause i’ve seen it has been deleted. I wanted to upload it for you guys cause it’s the best Bodybuilding motivation there is. /watch?v=AG3k3FsxXbM

barto zły says:


ali aslan says:

you are very fuck off here i m turkish and i m mother fucker ok

AnnetteJohnson653 says:

Have you heard about “MegaMAX Muscle Maker”? (check it out on google) It is a quick way to build muscle fast.

thanosguitarist says:

Look on the description u blind man…

SilverSparkDragons trio says:

Can they beat up a dinosaur!!!! I wish I can see them beat up a Dino but I’ll feel bad for the Dino that poor thing D;

felinophyle says:

waouff children could see that !!! more dangerous than porno or violence !

Rafinicki87 says:

They needa incop into the video the steroid usage

WampaTits says:

Nobody’s gonna try and take their lunch money

John Chumichiha says:

They may have huge muscles but they might have small d***

ElKTROthraxuz69 says:

There should be warning for epileptics 😀

Justin Amadi says:

fuck this shit i got better things to do with my time

Schowiest Sleet says:

Anyone else on a random video spree 😀 ?

Jayden Bouzane says:


nintendude60 says:

yeah exactly. these people look nasty.

evin morton says:


Protoplanethome says:

lol np


dem gains

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