Bodybuilding motivation – NEVER QUIT

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G Money says:

That was magnificent thank you!


The best on #2015 seriously!

Angel Olmos says:

Tom platz. An animal.. Man It’d be awesome to lift with him

illBing0 says:

More Tom Platz pls!! 

bySeeb says:

Plz dont use clips of rich piana, totally demotivates me the synthol fuck

MrSyroden says:

Hahaha MOREEE !! 😀 Nice Job man 

JerichoDMZ says:

If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up
against the odds.

Ruben Gonzalez Rodriguez says:

Where i can find the video of tom platz whit that guys?

Job de Vries says:

One of the best motivation videos i’ve seen! Great Job Man!

Richard Dasher says:

Let’s talk about pain, it can make you, or break you, pain also let you
know you are alive and greatness is near. But if you quit that will be
worse monkey ever on your back. All the blood, tears, and sweat will be for
nothing, so never ever allow pain to control you, you control it and NEVER

LunarDeath Haven says:

Fuck yeah Jericho!

kosa140 says:

AWESOME Works Jericho, keep going! 

Amololz says:

still the best of the best on youtube scene… no one give this passion to
video like you. Respect Jericho

S.S.I.O. says:

Best work!!

Cuchi Frito says:

That’s my Only Problem…”I Can’t Quit”

04stangman says:

Another Masterpiece. Its nice to see you put Lee in some videos :)

Mahmoud Ghaddar says:

legit almost brought tears to my eyes!

Kerim Aga says:

Thank You Jericho! great Vid’

Kenan Sutovic says:

Tom Platz is fucking badasssss! 

Thomas Franz says:

+Intelligent Strength 

Ferhat Göcer says:

First :D

Андрей Петрушин says:


davePL28 says:


HeilBamBi says:

ffs tom platz as personal trainer, i can easily fap to that lol

spawn bodi says:


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