Bodybuilding motivation – MIND

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Mack Tavor says:

One of your greatest mixes.

Alex Metalman says:

Lefteris LEF Sidiropoulos!

Cuchi Frito says:

Fuck the Haters! Keep Moving forward!

Dip Bar says:

what is the name of that last guy he look really amazing!

JerichoDMZ says:

“It’s your road and your’s alone. Other may walk it with you, but no one
can walk it for you.”

Viktor Nilsson says:

Ive watched every bb videos channel that’s worth watching and must say that
you keep getting better and better by every week. Was not a big fan of this
one but the video before, warrior. Your editing skills getting better and
the fitting with music (witch is the most important) no gay aesthetic
clips ether and that’s a +.

Keep em coming ! great work overall man.


Generation X Physiques says:

Tunnel vision baby!!! Great vid man 

Pontus Karl Darsbo says:

Great motivational video, don’t stop believing iron-brothers.

Ken Hills says:

This came a great time. I was feeling frustrated and this video made me
shake my head and get my mind right. Thank You Sir. 

Ben Gymrat says:

great video, thank you for your work! Gives me my daily motivation, big
thank you!!

Asriel Linduson says:

My actions will talk for me from here and now.

MySilentAss says:

Nice one, didn’t expect otherwise ;)

Orlando Rivera says:

Awesome video!! Jericho, you are the best!

aMILoCusT says:

name of the song please/

oussama meziani says:

the Great vid bro wow.

Richard Dasher says:

I love this video 

Roland Muller says:

Kickass video.

Karim Rzg says:

Nice video! 

Kalpesh Kharat says:


xOGxAesop says:

Song @ 0:30

Trevor S says:


Farqad Unique says:

Whats the name of the song at 01:37?
Great video btw

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