Bodybuilding motivation – Get big

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JerichoDMZ says:

No excuses, no regrets and get BIG!

Tom Wood says:

awesome, you’re still going strong! i always have and always will love that
you use different music to everyone else. but please give us the song
names? :)

TheMoeQ7 says:

Vince G inspired this video

po3tlc says:

Who cares about legs. Team No Leg Day!

99FAILURES says:

that was fucking badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what the fuck is that remix of the transformers song called? I NEED IT

Aran Wakinaga says:

Vince G should watch this.

Angel Olmos says:

5 plates for 6 does mean something. Not all people are going for
hypertrophy. Some are powerlifters and it matters. Fuck rich piana he talks
out of his ass. Good video otherwise 

trinitydu39 says:

Please what is the song in the second part !

Fast Zeaqs Full BO2 says:

No pain no gain dude !

DjCMix51 says:

Song pls man !

04stangman says:

Another Masterpiece!

Harjot Singh says:

I freaking love you bro! 

bambalamchouk says:

One of your best vids man ! Keep up the good job ! :)

Lars Kicheleer says:


Cody Jones says:

Good shit man!

LunarDeath Haven says:

Hitting it out of the park again

Ozon King says:

Nice skills bro

BoliTePicka says:


Wiz.4RX says:

holy shit !! i need this music :O

jaffabaffa says:

2/6 plates on every side of the bar or 2/6 plates in total?

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