Bodybuilding motivation – DETERMINED

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JerichoDMZ says:

The world is a jungle, YOU either fight
or RUN forever.

Cody Jones says:

Every single video, you fuckin’ kill it with these edits. Keep ’em coming

Cuchi Frito says:

Great Fucking Video man!!

llabros says:

If Bodybuilding Motivation videos had contests you would be Mr Olympia +

hisho551 says:

Not so good this time Jericho …the vedio is great but the music ruined

ZacPloskiFitnessFan says:

I look forward to these videos every week! Do you make them yourself

Wiz.4RX says:

This is not video! This is fucking movie! Thank you so much for this

amino fuel says:

Keep making great vids, we really appreciate it.

Rei Tepelija says:

IT’S Hard but it worth it 

fdivincenzo19 says:

Amazing video!

Cameron Nott says:

Great video, awesome music!
Whats the name of the song? anybody know?

Zeritho says:

Thanks for fueling my obsession to be a beast

阿部小三郎 says:

What did ronnie coleman say in first scene?
Was he struggling for competeing?

Rellie Lorenzo says:

JerichoDMZ motivated me to make my first workout vid on instagram

david919771 says:

The music not really feeling it’.
But other than that it was great dude keep it up man I love your stuff

HULK production says:

Another inspiring video , keep up the good work man :)

Stevan Pankovic says:

Another great video for my motivation playlist, keep up the good work man!

Amololz says:

Jericho “The man with golden touch”

Train Harder says:

Once again great video but that is expected.

Mohammad Qallaf says:

name of music?

Conley Watts says:

Sick as fuck

Texas Extreme American Muscle says:

I like the motivation keep it up TEXAS EXTREME AMERICAN MUSCLE

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