Bodybuilding motivation – DESTINY

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MitchGoslingTV says:

Great video thank you for using my footage subscribed and all the best :-)
mitch gosling 

Conley Watts says:

Very well done, by far one of my favourite motivation channels on YouTube.
Thanks man!

JerichoDMZ says:

“Your life,Your choice,USE it or WASTE it…” What’s your decision?

Russell brumbaugh says:

Keep these coming man!!!!

Rei Tepelija says:

A masterpiece right there. Jericho if u will put money to watch ur videos,
everybody will pay to see it. Allah bless u brother

dougie mcclean says:

R.I.P Greg Plitt


Obsah sice není tvůj a vše stahuješ, ale umíš to fakt suprově skládat
dohromady a podkreslit hudbou 😉 Super koukatelný a motivující 😉 (y) !!
Thumbs up

Firdaus Ismail says:

Beautiful, just beautiful T_T thanks for the motivation bro.
P/s: greg plitt ftw. 

iThale says:

This is so much motivation! Just do your work and focus on the finish. 

Conley Watts says:

Who is the guy that speaks at the end and throughout the video? Besides
Greg plitt, which is a great addition btw.

MySilentAss says:

Nice one Jericho! Helped me get hyped for the workout I just finished

Dimitri Jeet says:

RIP Greg Plitt !

hsa561 says:

I hope they have weights in heaven for Greg plitt… Greg 

David Jones says:

Greg Plitt & Zyzz 4ever. RIP!

|Bulgarian Bull| says:

Again awesome work ! <3

Nilesh Patil says:

Song name mate?

Pajk1985 says:

Děláš moc pěkný videa, vždy se rád mrknu. :)

Oskars P says:


Ferhat Göcer says:


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