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This video is out of this world!! You’ve a talent that I only see in you as editor , you can do always different…

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Alex Henn says:

Who the fuck dislikes this video!!! If you dislike this video then you are
just a lazy ass bitch and doesn’t love training or bodybuilding!!! Awesome

pradeeps1987 says:

Great video bro ! Leg day it is… Here I go to gym now…

Fanzi Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation says:
Tigerys says:

Bodybuilding – half naked,shaved,oiled up,veiny and sweaty dudes posing in
front of other dudes who are looking forward to cuddle them ( gay for pay
is very very real).Bodybuilding is expensive as fuck (steroids) and you
cannot make money with it.All the facts i have stated above are real.So
dont get me wrong,it is what it is,just accept it.You can do whatever you
inb4 i am small cunt who is just jealous Respcet for Dan Green in the
video and for all those guys.

iThale says:

Song in 2:13 ?

That epic dubstep track.

Wayne Prezzler says:

Superb vid where are the Frank McGrath parts from I don’t believe I’ve ever
seen that vid of him.

Jacob Echavarria says:

This is the type of video that the Gods on Mt Olympus train to haha :)
great video Fanzi!

Marcel G. says:

Your cutting and editing skills gets bigger and bigger, such a great
motivation bro!

Hector Flores says:

Sick ass editing man!!!, Good Video

Dumbbell Boy says:

You did it again brother!
Great Work

Gunz o says:

great video bro ..
Rich piana fo Life …

Zilvanas says:

Where can I follow in Instagram, FB and Twitter??

AdamIZxMiiDNIGHT says:

Best one you’ve made yet

LightsOnTranceOn says:

Btw +Fanzi Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation why you didnt put a 5 second
commercial in the start of the video ? because you deserve some money from
this special videos man

FSA777 says:

@Fanzi Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation whos at 1:231:24?

Conor Duke says:

1:00 what does he say crash don’t flow or crush don’t flow?

Adronza says:

Fanzi , pls just tell me what I just saw!
This video is out of this world!! You’ve a talent that I only see in you as
editor , you can do always different videos and at the same time better and
better than the other ones!
Geez geez geez!! Keep going

Arnii Schwanzig says:

Thanks to add man…

Ricardo Teixeira says:

Man you’re one of the best, if not THE best, “bodybuilding motivation”
video maker nowadays, congratulations!

TheBigdee0209 says:

Fuck yeah. I’m all fired up now.

Martin Mracek says:

whos dat asian guy at the end of the first min? thx

Danes world says:

Aww fuck why did I just watch this before bed…..

Great video. 

Alaskan Hulk says:

Best bodybuilding motivation video ever made. I’ve never got this hyped
before in my whole bodybuilding career.

LightsOnTranceOn says:

Fuck this is amazing SOOO BE AMAZING !! the music completly fits with the
video !

WolfBaron says:

what is the track playing …its damn motivation itself ..anyone know it ? 

algenomen says:

Train chest for 3 hours.
Make actual chest gains.

Choose one and only one

Cuchi Frito says:

Gym time Motherfucker!! Hyper Level 1000

Jaco George Dippenaar says:

Great video! Thanks guys!

Max Grek says:

what is the name of the guy at 4:44 ?????

Damian Purvis says:

Awesome video! Pumped for my workout, lets go get it!!!

alhazemax says:

Je reviens de la salle, j’ai envie d’y retourner!

ted jönsson says:

ur fucking awesome fanzi u are better than zhasni or any others motivation

Sticka says:

Amazing! Thank you!

Musa Ali says:

I swear to God, it’s legal to kill that son of a bitch who dislike this

Kristian Masar says:

0:58 Who is he ?

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