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AestheticallyAmazing says:

Awesome video my man it’s interesting to see all these guys throwing weight
around then Flex Wheeler going light and his body is light years better
than anyone elses haha.

Alexei Lesukov says:

Great video Mak, thank you for posting. Regards all the way from St.
Petersburg, Russia !!

Wayne Prezzler says:

Great work….Fuck I love training back..

VEX1999 says:

I really like your motivation i watch the stuff every day day before i go
to hit the gym !!;) one question what does ct says ?

Greetings from germany! 

Alex Bodybuilding says:

Need Dorian Yates :(

Juan Cruz Mendez says:

I decided to add more size on my back this year , started to include free
weight pullovers . My god big change in shot time! My lats was like: “Got
to get more big”.
Constantly mixing it up!

Mr.Swoll says:

Your videos beat every pre-workout in the market, amazing video bro!

mohd amer says:

awesome video bro.great work and keep uploading more videos

Ivan Garcia says:

Damm bro! No doubt quality over quantity! You keep out doing your self!!
Fucking awesome 

Les Sabatini says:

Look forward to your videos every time I see a new upload and I’m never let
down. Amazing shit bro keep it up!

Richard Dasher says:

This great motivation video on back bottom line ATTACK IT

Shannan Gary says:

Out of all bodybuilding motivation videos this channel produce the best
videos.. I’m always in the gym playing theses videos.. keep doing what u do

Jakub Koszczka says:

Back motivation without Dorian. R U FCKING KIDDING ME ?! Like a diet
without meat.

StijnKosterman says:

Keep making those video’s man, I love it!

TheSpiderstone22 says:

Awesome Work Keep it up ;)

bvg bg says:

Epic video man! 

Tommaso Deniccola says:

Name of the guy at 3.15 please


Loved it

Nasko Djizata says:

Support from Bulgaria bro.

رائد الخزرجي says:

A great work . goooo

Just Berty says:

Now i wanna see all people who says “With steroids is easy” 

Alex Albertse says:

Who is the big black guy at 2:37?

Efekan Pulatlı says:

is there any link that is full version of dexter jackson’s back training at

Biomedical Bodybuilder says:

lol look at that fucking clown branch warren using weight 3-4x that of phil
heath and the shittest form in the sport, and he wonders why his physique
is the most grotesque one in the sport 

Felix Fury says:

Dat Ragelifting ! EPic

nEVER2k3 says:

Nice vids , i really love train hard my back and this video is awesome !

Sascha B says:

thanks makaveli for motivating me every time!!!! thanks so much man youre
the best!
greetings from switzerland

RipToned says:

WOW! #RipToned was featured on #Makaveli_Motivation YouTube Video… Crazy
Back Attack… Check it…

matt fox says:

These videos are like gold dust! But better!

Alexandre Machado Alves da Costa Neto says:

one name: Lorenzo Becker.

Pumping Pavlos says:


Cameron Latham says:


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