Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Tenacity

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Facebook: Chek out Beast Motivation : Chek out : Song: Tupac Shakur from “Mama’s Just a Little Girl”…

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slavvs says:

Don’t ask me why.
Ask me how.

Job de Vries says:

Just one word man…. AWESOME… cant decribe how I feel when I hear 2pac
talking in the beginning of the video. It gets me so motivated! So thankyou
a lot man !

Juan Manuel Colon says:

Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Tenacity:

Sabutay Khan says:

where are the naturals ??

Alex Smith says:

Cot. Damn.

Danish Mirza says:

This voice of the greatest man Tupac Amaru Shakur with that bodybuilding
video is a awesome combination. And I’m giving this a BIG ThumbUp

Kieran Rafter says:

Holy crap, bench 180kg for reps. Lols at Wolverine at 3:26 .

Jesus Villarreal says:

Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Tenacity:

‫عدي الذهبي‬‎ says:

Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Tenacity:

clashbrosbraul says:

great video

Juan Salas says:

Great video, keep it up. These videos are what push us the extra mile.
Love it. Thanks

Martial Bachoffner says:

Hi, where can I find this version of the rose that grew from concrete? I
looked on Youtube and e lyrics are the same but not the music. Thanks.

Marshall Mathers says:

Aesthetics > 

roberto olivier says:

Guarda questo video su YouTube:

Steven Steele Jr says:

Bodybuilding is great, but I just can’t grasp why you would take steroids..
You only live once, why would you purposely shorten that life.

RiZeAF says:

Perfect time 

B Colclough says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Zilvanas says:

Mamas just a little girl by Tupac

krazyanimal1818 says:

Dude huge fan of your videos! I was just wondering if you could make a
bodybuilding video with the song “land of the forgotten” by DustDevil.
Check out that song! Thanks for the motivation man!

Aaron Booker says:

What kind of machine is that around the 1:40 mark never seen one of those

Anthony Labarbera says:

Guy leg pressing at the end was killin it

Fernando Cuevas says:

Huge video, congrats!

9sili says:


SpainIsHardcore says:

Waaaarhouse Gym :)

marko bajan says:

Great vid

Fernando Watanabe says:


skinnyhardgainer says:

Doing a nice work slavvs!Congrats

BK. Mouloud says:

The name of the song plz ???

Furkan Cantürk says:


Orlando Rivera says:

Awesome video!

1nstructioN says:

Nice 1 video

Mom Ali says:

Thank you 

Kevin Speicher says:

Fu€king Amazing!

Monti Rizgui says:

2pac !

David Chiumera says:

The beginning gave me the chills, thank you :)

Bigger ThanYou says:

Motivation to do what – juice?

Texas Extreme American Muscle says:

Soon you will be making a motivational video about me that’s no lie

kaelyrion says:

i love the feel to this video, it’s very unique!!

Texas Extreme American Muscle says:


Viktor Reis says:

0:43 Realy good!

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