Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Mutated Nation

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Jordan Gibson says:

What if they guy eating 6 meals per day got the same amount of calories,
trained harder and more efficient in the hour that he worked out, and
experienced better quality REM sleep in his 6 hours of sleeping? I think he
would see similar results. And guess what, he would have more time to
accomplish the other things in his life that matters, i.e. work, family,
social life, planning, educating himself, etc. 

Scott York says:

Lee Priest at 1:20 some of the other dudes, I don’t know…good video.

slavvs says:

It was about time for a new motivation 😉 From now on atleast one
motivational video every month ! And remember “The more you put in it , the
more you get out” so train hard and stay strong !

Bizeps Man says:

can you make a natty motivation video please? i know never knows if theyre
nattys but i mean the guys with the kind body that are possible to have
without roids, you know what i mean?

davidooo20 says:

0:20 who is the guy??????????????????????

Bruno Andradre says:

This is te best Dream ….I LOVE IT

George Gloves says:

Евалата !!! Много добри клипове !!! Адски много се мотивирам и се радвам
,че има и нашенци с които можем да се гордеем,че не са разплути и дебели ,а
правят такива неща с които могат да мотивират адски много хора !!!!! 

MrPsykopunk says:

The video and music are awesome,thanks Slavvs! !

venom454545 says:

Love it how you didnt put Phill Heath or Kai Greene. Very good video

Thomas Fredriksen says:

Like before watching a slavvs video always

David W says:

Who is this guy at 1:25?

HULK production says:

Rich Piana may be right with what he´s saying, but he´s just a synthol

Mael Machnik says:

Good job! Very motivational video.

Sultan Al-Dossary says:

It’s good I Lover tank’s. 

Endo morf says:

Rewelacyjny filmik motywacyjny !

Massimo Titanius says:

Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε αυτό το βίντεο στο YouTube:

zxd3stin27xz says:

Who is the guy at 1:30 ?

João Pedro S.A says:


Texas Extreme American Muscle says:


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